It Is That Time of The Year Again!


With our country celebrating its day of Independence tomorrow, the air is rife with an electric energy, of celebration and pride, a day to look back at history and tip our hats to the ones who gave their all for us.

How about experimenting with natural homegrown fabrics for a change? Khadi and cotton kurtas with a cool ‘dhoti’ would really set the mood for celebrations, and clubbed with a little jute ‘jhola’ you can play with the tricolor all you want. And don’t forget to slip on a pair of ‘kolhapuris’ or ‘mojris’ while you’re at it!

Or how about paying homage to your personal heroes from the pre-independence era by dressing up like them, or accessorizing? It is of course a great way to know your heroes and connect with them at a deeper level.

While the monsoons keep playing hide and seek, you can complete the look with a classic black long umbrella, be it rain or shine, you’re always prepared!

And lastly- a very Happy Independence Day !

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