Custom-Made Shirts by P N RAO

Life gets more and more hectic by the day, with hard working hours and off work hours seeming shorter and shorter. The last thing you need on a Friday night is to waste time in getting home to ‘change’ for the party, which could very well be at the other of the city, with miles and miles of traffic! Yes, the world can indeed work against you, and it gets rather consistent with that!

Thankfully, PN Rao has finally unveiled its latest line of custom made formal shirt made of pure fabrics, which work for both work-wear and party wear! These slim fit shirts are super comfortable and thanks to a special lining on the collar region, there’s no need to worry about the afterhours!

This of course means no more wasting time waiting in line for the weekend! Or the odd weekday party for that matter. And for the Mumbaikars, what better time for the parties now that Dhoble is gone?


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