Barney Stintson, The Bachelor’s Bachelor!


Today we shall talk about one particular character who has become an icon of sorts for the young and mobile. Barney Stintson, played by Neil Patrick Harris of Doogie Howser MD fame, is a popular character in the sitcom How I Met Your Mother, which is now running its 6th season already! Everybody knows Barney, he is the man’s man, the bachelor’s bachelor! He is quite the ladies man (or so he claims to be!), always impeccably dressed in suits, always handy with statistical facts regarding women and an old hand at the nuances of the ‘Bro-code’.

His habits are rather interesting, and he has a certain mystery to his life that everyone wants in on. He has commendable skills at laser tag, no one knows what he actually does for a living! His one liners have become statutory in internet memes like ‘Suit Up!’, ‘Legen-wait for it-dary!’ and ‘Challenge Accepted!’

Since the show first started in 2005, there have been very few episodes where Barney is seen without a suit. Ever since that one fateful day, he has never since been seen without one! His styles have created a classic timeless look where he wears suits with unwavering ease which has the ladies swooning and the men staring in awe!

If you haven’t seen the show, its time you really did! 

Style like the “Tiger”


Epoch making events come and go, some cause a stir, some a nonchalant shrug, but then Salman Khan hits the screen, the world gets up and takes notice. While the women are counting the minutes before

  1. He takes his shirt off
  2. His shirt is ripped off by the bad guy(s)
  3. His muscles suddenly double in volume and obliterate the shirt
  4. The wind blows his shirt off or
  5. His shirt mysteriously disappears
  6. All of the above!

The men try and get pointers on roping in the ‘gori’ he invariably ends up dancing with! The women also try and hold on to his every expression, which quite frankly, is just one, but the sighs and swoons never really stop anyway. Govinda on the other hand, well never mind!

Salman Khan always pushes boundaries every time he has a new release, and this time he pushed a little more with his latest film, Ek Tha Tiger. To be precise, he pushed the India-Pakistan boundary! Its a cute story of love across the border between a RAW and an ISI agent,  running from country to country, killing suspicious looking bearded people and dancing with white people. They try to escape the ghosts of their shady employment history to live a life together, presumably marry at some point in time, hence the name ‘Ek Tha Tiger!’

Interestingly, Salman is surprisingly well dressed in crisp formal suits, non-manly V neck T- Shirts,  and shirts layered under (wait for it) cardigans! Yes, all the things uncool and sad, he has indeed turned things around! Bold horizontal stripes that once were believed to make people look fat? What nonsense? Run to the stores, now! Salman dons a fair share of pastel shades, another erstwhile no-no, but not anymore thanks to him! And maybe you could throw in one of those dodgy scarves that most know as ‘terrorist scarves’!

With all these style tips, one last thing, lose all facial expressions, and you’re so close to being Salman Khan it isn’t even funny!