Blazing Success


The blazer is one of the most essential pieces of the male wardrobe. Descended from greatness, it’s a great piece of clothing that all too often gets tagged as ‘too dressy’. However, you don’t need to wear a full suit to be able to make a blazer work for you.

Originally a gentleman’s only piece that became a part of everyday clothing, the blazer is cut similarly to the jacket component of a suit. The difference is that the blazer is typically a little bit more casual. Details like shank buttons, peaked lapels, and other little flourishes are often characteristic of a blazer.

Today what we generally call a blazer jacket is actually the offspring of two distinct jacket styles, one being double breasted and having a British military origin while the other is single breasted having evolved from the jacket worn at rowing clubs.

The modern blazer is a hybrid of this heritage – it can be found in single or double breasted styles, is often cut from a wide range of colours, utilizes a variety of buttons and patches, and is used by businessmen, sportsmen, and school children to signify belonging and placement in society.

With that in mind, we have compiled a simple list for ‘How to Wear a Blazer’ that should serve you well, and hopefully inspire everybody out there to experiment and do more justice to this piece of garment.

  • With quality denim, this will give you a cool casual look. However please keep in mind not to wear a baggy jean with a blazer. A blazer should always be teamed with a well cut jeans.
  • A cotton shirt with a V-neck sweater, chinos and a well structured blazer. Perfect for a semi formal party or a wedding.
  • Wear to your office to pull off a semi formal look.
  • Recently, fashion forward celebrities have made the blazer an acceptable black tie choice, and for once this is an instance where the average guy can pull it off with confidence.

The blazer is a true gentlemanly piece of clothing. It is the perfect way to top off a look, always lending a fashionable and balanced finish to every outfit it meets.