One-Button suit for the confident Man!


Men’s Suits are by the far the most sophisticated and cultivated way to dress oneself. The best of craftsmanship ensures that every piece is unique and distinctive. People will definitely feel the power of magnetism and automatically get attracted to you.

The current trend dressing men is the simple but an elegant one-button suit. Traditionally, one-button suits were associated with high fashion and seen as a beautiful, yet in the realm of real life, impracticable choice. However, after years of enduring the three-button suit for every occasion, the two-button standard eventually found its way back into the fashion circuit. Today, men around the world are rakishly wearing the one-button suit jacket as a renewed sign of rebellion. There are few thumb rules which applies to wearing a one button suit:

Office wear and one button suits don’t go hand in hand, unless, you are a musician or if you make a living by walking on ramps. The one-button suit is what you wear when your pinstripes are far too droll and a tuxedo just won’t do.

When looking at the one-button suit, the detailing, and structure of the suit are very important. But, we should also take the fabric in consideration. The idea of the one-button blazer is to look elegant and sophisticated. A wool or silk material will best present that intention. When it comes to colour, a stunning gentleman can never go wrong with a dark navy or black suit.

The one-button suit is traditionally tailored for the lean or slim gentleman. Unfortunately if someone with the wrong body size or physique attempts to wear this style, it will take away any of the stylishness they were hoping to attain by wearing it in the first place. The one-button suit coat design presents the wearer looking long and slim. A person with any sort of bulk to their frame or mid-section negates this appearance and will appear unpolished.  Unfortunately the bigger gentleman should steer clear of this style.

A one-button suit gives the “right” wearer a fabulously clean and polished look. Choosing when to buy, or when to wear a one-button suit is always up to the gentleman. While it may not always be the correct style for every occasion, it is safe to say that when it is worn properly, the one-button suit will not disappoint.

Fashion is always changing but style remaining forever. A good place helps you define your dressing style with experimentation and ensures that it becomes a part of your expression forever