Summer shirts fabrics


With the summer heat and humidity heading our way, here’s a helpful guide to navigate the best fabrics for men’s summer shirts.  The summer months can be stifling hot and sticky, but if you stick with these top fabrics; cotton, linen and silk, your summer will be no sweat.


When it comes to men’s tees, tanks, polo shirts and button downs, the best fabric to choose is 100% cotton.  Cotton is fairly breathable, absorbs humidity, and also a highly durable fabric.  Easy to wash, iron and travel with, cotton truly is the fabric of our lives.  For button down shirts, stick with cotton poplin, it’s thinner and more popular than oxfords during summer months.   And keep in mind; you should avoid cotton/polyester blends at all costs.  Although these blends may feel super soft, you’ll heat up super fast.


Linen is a summer classic and the best fabric for warm weather.  This mesh-like fabric proves even more breathable than cotton, allowing air to gently flow through which keeps you feeling fresh and cool.   Note:  Linen does wrinkle easily, but that’s one of the features that make this fabric so unique and stylish, so don’t sweat it.


Although not a popular fabric for men’s tees or tanks, a silk polo shirt or button down is incredibly light, free flowing and comfortably cool.  It’s a great alternative to help beat the summer heat, but be warned, it’s a bit of hassle to wash and iron.  Save yourself some stress and dry clean.

Remember, summer is meant to be fun and carefree.  If you follow these guidelines and choose your fabrics wisely, you’ll always remain cool, while looking fashionably hot.