What to gift your dad this Father’s Day?

1017586_550535458321703_541371446_nShopping for someone else is no easy task. It’s all the more tricky when it’s for your parents and especially your dad. Case in point, but with Father’s Day approaching and with the old man saying he doesn’t want anything, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place in trying to figure out a gift for him.

Pops, papa, dad or even bapuji  – whatever you call him, deserves nothing but the best for Father’s Day. After years of getting him that same old ‘Hey-Dad-you-are-the-best’ greeting card or mug, it’s time to try something different. Whether he’s a cavalier, a legible, or a little of both, here’s a universal Father’s Day Gift Guide for all types of dad personalities. So here we go – check out the essential list of best gifts to your beloved old man which might just cheer him up.

For the Day-to-Day Dad

Is dad always in need for the basics — aftershave, new socks, clean white hanky, towels and tees? Well, these no-fuss essentials can be smartly gift-wrapped or even better, a personalized ‘man-pack’ with his favorite things would be perfect for your routine-specific dad.

For the Music Aficionado Dad

Is your dad nostalgic about the bygone era of Bollywood-tunes? Or does he simply enjoy blasting the sounds of Bob Dylan or Led Zeppelin? Either of these, there’s no better gift out there for him than some cool music players like an ipod or its quality clones. The over-the-ear headphones are the next best option if he already has a piece of the mentioned gadget. Your father should be prepared to tune in and rock out.

For the Smell Good Dad

A range of chic aromas of Egyptian basil, lavender, dark chocolate or even patchouli is not a bad idea for a perfect masculine scent. On the other hand, little spritz of refined musk will freshen up your dad’s daily routine.

For the Not-so Punctual Dad

If he was ever late to your parents’ day concerts or to your high school cricket match, it might just be the time to prompt him up. You can gift him an elegant, multi-functional watch that’s looks good and matches his personality. You can surely expect his gratitude and this time rather promptly.

For the Polished Dad

The coolest way to keep your dad’s shoes up to date – gift him a branded shoe shine kit. Just a bit of classic polish will keep your dad looking sharp for work.
For the Chocolate-Loving Dad

A gift pack of confection chocolate set with flavors that range from sweet to nutty to smoky to creamy, infused with some best scotches. Not a bad idea, what say? You might want to pick up a second pack because mom might get jealous.

For the Jetsetter Dad

A sleek toiletry bag of fine leather is the epitome of traveling in style. Might just enthuse him to keep flying more.

For the Fashionista Dad

A sharp, made to order suit from a bespoke men fashion house can not only bring a broad smile to your dad’s face but may just become the pride of his wardrobe.  Come to any P N RAO outlet for a dazzling collection of custom-fit suits that will spoil you for choice.

Now that you have got the idea, you may want to hit out to your nearest mall, P N RAO showroom or log in to one of the numerous e-stores online to pack your old man the gift that is perfect for him. And hush, you may want to keep this a surprise!