Trouser Extravagenza

A trouser speaks volumes about a man’s sense of fashion. Be it a casual one or a formal one, a stylish pair of trousers always gives your personality a boost. In this blog we, are going to discuss six must have styles of trousers that ever man should have in his wardrobe


English and French soldiers wore chinos in the mid 19th century as uniforms. However, it gained popularity during the American-Spanish War. Over the years it has turned out to be one of the most worn trousers of all times.

Although, this trousers are mostly made out of cotton chino fabrics, but these days Chinos are available in cotton-synthetic blends.


Cargo Pants are often called combat trousers due to their military origins. These are loosely cut trousers mainly worn during tough, outdoor activities. What sets this trouser apart is its distinct style with four to six pockets.

Definitely, it is a stylish affair and a must have for every man.


No man can look better than in a pair of well-fitted denims. Neither can it ever go out of style.

Though available in various shades and washes, a pair or more of classic blue denims is something every man and also women must have in their wardrobes


As a fabric, corduroy is considered to be a very durable one. Hence, they make the best of trousers.

It can be stylishly worn with jackets or on semi formal occasions, corduroys not only oozes fashion but also qualifies as a must have in a man’s wardrobe because of its durability.


The debate over Pleated vs. Flats will go one for ages. However, a well-tailored pleated trouser makes a good wear for formal occasions.

Most pleated trousers are worn higher up on the waist and looks best when worn with a slim fit formal shirt. One small tip, go with dark shades instead of pastel ones for this style of pants.


Plain fronts have come to dominate most wardrobes due to their versatility. It is slick, modern and smart and a rage with the younger generations.

Be it a sunny summer’s day out or a business lunch, you can never go wrong with flat fronts.

While choosing a trousers, a lot depends on personal style, body type and comfort. Visit P N RAO stores to choose your style from the ongoing Trouser Extravaganza.


Trouser Extravaganza


Trouser Extravagenza

Trousers are a more traditional alternative to denims when it comes to formal or semi formal wears for men. A good pair of trousers speaks a lot about a man’s sense of style and personality. Like everything else, trousers also come in an array of cuts, fits and styles.

However, the two most prevalent styles are the flat front trousers and the pleated trousers. While the latter ones more traditional, they have pleats of material that fold down the front from below the waistband on either side of the fly. These trousers can be worn for all occasions; however, they are more suited for business meetings and formal events.

The flat front, though a very old style, has been adopted by trendsetters as the “in thing” for trousers. They do not have any pleats in the front and looks best when worn with slim fit jackets and sleek accessories. This design is more popular among young people and makes a quite a statement for a semi formal occasion or a casual do.

A lot of experimentation is being done with the style and fit of a trouser these days. Besides regular comfort fits, trousers are available in a variety of cuts and designs to suit one’s comfort level. The most popular among them being slim fit trousers.

At P N RAO we bring to you an exquisite range of trousers in different styles, shades and fits. You can choose from our extensive collection of regular comfort fit and slim fitted trousers. We stock brands like Blackberry, Givo and Park Avenue, which brings along complete assurance on quality and comfort of fabric.

Every man wants a pair of well-tailored trouser in his wardrobe. We also stock a wide range of fabrics for you to choose from and get it tailored just the way you want it.

Men’s trousers have evolved a lot in terms of designs and styles. It is quite tricky to choose the perfect style, which is going to look best on you. P N RAO has a varied experience and expertise when it comes to men’s formal wear. Please visit our stores as we celebrate Trouser Extravaganza throughout this month.













Stepping Stones


“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” – These lines s sums up Aditi Singh’s “Into the Wild Collection” perfectly.


For the designer, it’s more of a journey than just a clothesline. A journey of rebellious, bold, rich “brats” to the land of Arctic Tundra. The stoic placidity and rugged wilderness of the Tundra landscape is manifested in her couture.


The designs have been created keeping in mind the surfaces, texture and vegetation of the terrain. Meant for the rich, stylish and carefree, the collection showcases a smart range of shirts, waistcoats and trousers. The styling draws inspiration from the life of the adventure loving royals. Also you can notice a heavy influence of Russian Military uniforms in the designs.

As you explore the designs more, you’ll find that a lot of layered and chunky fabric has been used reminiscent of the climatic conditions and plantation of the region.

On a broader note, the collection effuses a lot of energy, valour and charm. The detailing of design is quite interesting and so are the cuts. There is a gradual transformation in terms of textures from core to outer layer of clothing. There is a deliberate touch of arrogance about the look to accentuate the “spoilt brat” feel.

Aditi, a student of NIFT, Bangalore, has taken men’s formal wear a step forward by introducing knitwear designs in her collection. She has used flat knit fabric mostly along with acrylic, mohair, polyester yarns. She has also used a lot of jacquard fabrics, wool blended circular knits and terry knits. The creation was a not only a Graduation Design Collection to her but a dream she wanted to live.


P N RAO turned her dreams into a reality. An eminent name in the field of men’s clothing, their expertise remains unparalleled when it comes to cuts and stitches. They have always  patroned young, talented designers and Aditi is their newest discovery.


Aditi’s creativity and passion and P N RAO’s expertise has brought in a different edge to the collection. We look forward to more such artworks from them in future.



Stepping stones