P N RAO & The Independence of India

Have you ever wondered how the common ‘dhothi-kurta’ clad Indian man transformed into wearing shirts and trousers?

The formal wear was introduced to us by the British.  However, with the passage of time, it got imbibed into our Indian attire! This transformation did not happen overnight though, it took its own time and pace. The clothing style of the British did leave an unfading impression on the dressing style of us Indians. The paintings of that time reveal that even the Indian kings loved getting dressed in western wear! ‘Talking English’ and ‘walking English’ was considered as the ‘in’ thing for many!

P N RAO was established when our nation was still under the clutches of the British Raj! We stand proud to state that we have seen our beautiful country get the independence that she deserved.  Overseeing the future demands we kept hold of the style of dressing which was bound to bring in a revolution in our country.

We have evolved with the growing demands of our customers. Many a times, busy schedules restrained our customers from getting their suits tailor-made. To cater to the demands of the busy-bees we came up with our ready to wear collection.  At P N RAO, we boast of having some exclusive range of clothing from some of the finest brands in the industry.

With sparkling 3 stores in Bangalore and a latest one in Chennai, we can say we are growing with the times! Our endeavor was to nurture quality. Imbibing the fine features of styling, at PN RAO, get your suits custom-made at your hearts delight! Upholding the Indian values, P N RAO has grown over the years to provide that perfect fitting outfits for you.

Clothing is a basic necessity, dress in style and discover life’s finer moments with PN RAO!

In search of the perfect fit !


Are you searching for the perfect fit in trousers? The P N RAO family welcomes you to our Trouser Extravaganza which is on till 15th August, 2013 at all our stores. Here you’ll get to choose from a wide variety of brands at unbelievably attractive prices. You may be short or tall, slim or heavy; enhance your overall look by getting into a trouser which showcases your true self. A perfect trouser is the one which, apart from being comfortable, complements your personality too!

Following are some simple tips to guide you through the process of finding trousers that are stylish, comfortable and suit you perfectly:

¸ Try on! – When you go trouser shopping, make it point to try different styles. Comfort is what you should majorly look for. A perfectly fitting pair should neither be too loose nor too tight but feel just right when you try it.

¸ Waist check! – Make sure you are able to button your trousers with ease. If you happen to have any struggle to fasten the trousers, that pair may not be the ideal one. It is not necessary that one particular waist size in a particular brand would fit you in another brand also.

¸ Spice up the wardrobe! – Give a shot to different colours while choosing your trouser. For formal occasions, colours like black, grey, brown are usually suited. To get a slimmer look, plus size people can opt for the colour black. Do not pick on white trousers if you intend to appear taller. White tends to shorten your height.

¸ The Cut! – A perfect fit would give enough room for you to sit comfortably. A pinch test could determine if you have the correct pair. Pinch your trouser from the thigh area, If you get ½ an inch of fabric between your index finger and thumb, you may conclude that you are into the perfect pair.

¸ Bling Bling! – Accessorizing your comfy trousers with brooches or belts. Provided you are not over doing it, these accessories enhance the overall look of the trousers.

We, at P N RAO, have a wide collection of fabrics as well! So, if you require custom fit trousers, you know where to drop by. Our expert staff would be happy to help you style up perfectly! You never know, you may even stumble upon some surprise gifts too!


Trouser Extravagenza