P N RAO – Tailor on Call


 Have your tailor come to your place to take measurements!
 Yes, you read it right! With P N Rao gone are the days when you had to take efforts to go and visit your tailor time and again and follow up with him! P N Rao is bestowing you with unique convenience for being an esteemed customer all this while. Call an all professional P N Rao tailor home with our all new – ‘Tailor-On-Call’ facility!
It is an initiative that we stumbled upon considering the busy and hectic schedules that this modern day life has gifted all of us with. The demanding times do not give us spare moment generally to go to a tailor and give him/her your measurements. With P N RAO’s ‘Tailor-on-Call’ facility you are conferred with the leverage of getting the best fit right in the comfort zone of your home or office.
Benefits of our facility:
ü    Be pampered! – Get the latest trend stitched with minimal efforts!
ü    Call us home! – A call leads to getting a perfectly stitched clothing home!
ü   Choose the fabrics too! – You don’t have to go and physically shop for your clothing if you are in a hurry and need your clothes stitched with-in no time. The PN RAO’s team of the Master Tailor have sample of the fabrics as well with them.
ü  Happy you! – Hassle free and ultimate convenience!
P N RAO renders you with a blend of quality fabric and fit too.  You may choose the best bespoke suit the way you would want it to be! We have been in business since 1923 and you may trust us upon the quality and the fittings that we keep and make available to our esteemed customers!
Call our magic number – 9900100400 and book your appointment now! In the comfort zone of your home, office or your friends place have an envious piece of clothing stitched with utmost care – especially for you at P N RAO!