Suitings for B-r-o-a-d-e-r People!

We need to accept the ground reality that in real life people are short, tall, slim and fat! This impeccably is not only a world of skinny and model like figures but also of people who are large and chubby as well!

In this blog we intend to throw some light upon what plump ones amongst us need to keep in mind while getting their suits stitched:

Seeking the perfect fit! When styling people who do not have the best of body shape, needless to say, the importance has to be given to the fit of the suitings or shirtings one wears. A sagging outfit would definitely amplify the bulky physique of the wearer.  On the contrary, if a large man or woman wears loose clothing it would only draw attention towards the excess weight rather than making him or her look slim.

Ideally, the cloth should just rest on the body lightly.


The shoulder and arm of a good-fitting are well-proportioned.

F The shoulder and arm proportion – The correct fit could be gauged with the help of a small trick. When one has their suit stitched, check whether the shoulder tip ends at the point where the top of the arms begins (as shown in the picture above). If the shoulder tip is below the starting point of the arms, it is never a good fit.


Ensure that the fit is neither too big nor too small for you. As depicted in these pictures.

The comfort factor! – The comfort found in the suit one wears is another important factor that large men/women should never undermine. Choose the garment for the suit considering this aspect. A good fit without the requisite comfort will make one fidget with the clothing often, feel conscious of it thereby giving an unappealing look!

Fabric matters! – Heavy clothes make a person feel and look bulkier. Light weight fabrics do not accentuate the figure of the wearer. The clothing that one wears needs to be light and should offer an effortless feel to the wearer.

Keeping it simple! – It is advisable that the wearer never over-does what he/she wears if they are overweight or bulky. Cutting down on the patterns, huge stripes with smaller patterns and plain shirts would ward off the focus from the excess body weight to the overall look of the outfit.

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