Dress your best to embrace the brand New Year!

As we head down to the party of the year – the last and biggest, bash of 2013 gear up and rock the dance floor with the attire that leaves others spell bound! After all the mid-night kisss might depend upon the outfit that you choose to wear!

 Style check

 After a general study we did over many random handsome men over fall, we came up with a list of essential trends you may pick from:

* Solid Colours! Anything deep black, inky blue or ashy grey is hot, hot, hot! To shine at the New Year’s eve you may have them      worn as stripes, micro stripes. The dark colour will also camouflage any extra ponds that you may have put on over the weekend.

 * Long Jackets! Suits with long jackets and three-piece suits do not ever lose their groovy looks. Subtle sequin or a little bling, all  would look just perfect. look through the options available in the colours and styles available. A white jacket for your diner can never  be a wrong decision to take!

 * Suiting up! – If you are angling for a more formal look, double-button suit is the way to go.

 * Tying up!Wearing a tie to the party with the new suit or dress shirt would look just perfect. A simple black coloured one would never go out of style.

 * Shoe it up!Make sure your formal shoes are ‘formal’! Loafers or even funky sneakers are Ok!

 Have a look at the two customized look we have made for you!

Look 1:


“If you want to avoid the jacket, wear a tux shirt. It’s still formal enough,” said our Mr.Expert who paired the pinkish white shirt with tapering pant.

Look 2:


Create a more tailored, put-together look this season with a double collar suit.

Picking the right stuff

Picking the right stuff according your style mantra is most important when trying to dress up. In the intention of wanting to look good, men often forget about comfort and their kind of personal style which they know suits them best! Just one tip to all you ladies who want your man to look best; never make him wear something he won’t be able to pull off! A little disappointment on your part is better than destroying his confidence from enjoying this great day!

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Happy New Year!

5 mistakes that men make with their suits!

“Clothes and manners do not make the man, but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance”
–  Arthur Ashe

Looking smart and sharp formally is easy when men have their suits on. Being in the business for about some time now, we at P N RAO, have witnessed the evolution of ‘suitings and shirtings’ style over the years in our country. Suits are the most dependable option while choosing a formal attire. It is needless to state here that suits help men (and women alike) make an impression on formal occasions. On the other hand, the same suit can go all wrong if it is worn inappropriately – without a perfect fit.


Find below 5 unfathomable mistakes that men tend to make with their suits:

1. A peeping undershirt – Though unintentional, a poking undershirt may undermine the entire look of the suit. Avoid wearing an undershirt which peeps from inside the shirt that you wear with your suit. However, if you have the habit of wearing an undershirt, you may get a’ v-neck’ that won’t creep up from under your shirt.

2. Wearing long blazers – Suits which are longer than the necessary length for a person, make the wearer look sloppy. When unsure of the ideal length of  your suit, follow our technique of getting the correct length – have the hem of the suit fall till your fingertips end naturally.

3. The labels – Bespoke or not, never forget to remove the labels of the suit before wearing the suit. Many men with the intention of removing the labels later, forget to remove them. It could turn out to be an embarrassing situation, so be cautious!

4. Long trousers – You definitely would not like to call for a disheveled look. Therefore, ensure that you have your trouser just rest on your shoes. It should not embarrass as a horizontal crease that shows up with a long trouser. Also, avoid wearing pleated pants. These make one look heavier than one actually is. Opt for flat fronts while getting a trouser stitched.

5. Flashy accessories – Focusing on flashy accessories like tie-clips, pocket squares, French cuffs and so on will take the focus from your suit.  Stick to simple and classic accessories only.


At P N RAO, have your suit tailor-made with superior fabrics and impeccable craftsmanship. Each suit is custom-fit for you and personalized with your choice of trims and expertise.