Suit Up Right!

Suits have their own invisible awe that raises the bar of potentialities to be conquered for any individual. The umpteen benefits of power dressing are just sumptuous. No matter what the occasion may be, an impressive suit will add the required ting of zing to your personality. Want to know how?Image

Excel in Interviews!

Performance par excellence is what is expected in any interview. When an interview is scheduled, a lot many aspirants apply who probably have the eligibility to qualify and some handful come for an experience. Not every one lands up getting the job they were interviewed for. It probably may be just because of

One of the major roles that plays in an interview selection process is the way the person shows themselves up  or the way he/she is dressed. Power dressing needless to state increases the chance of getting a desired job manifolds. First impression about a person is formed by the way he or she is dressed for the interview. The subconscious message is laid down by the colour and the fit of the clothing.  A person with a well trimmed suit will have dominance to clear the interview if he has the suitable caliber as well! Suits irrespective for man or woman make them look professional in every sense.  However, always have in mind that there is a thin line between classy and trashy. Be cautious as with inappropriate accessories, the whole look of a business suit can be undermined.

Impressive Meetings!

Make striking impressions in meetings by dressing yourself in an impressive suit. The way you are dressed, speaks volumes about you even before you utter a word. A well prepared meeting always demands one to be in comfortable clothes that are impressive in all means. A well fit suit serves as a panache to the presentation. At P N RAO, have the best suit custom made for you for all such important occasions.

Climb up the ladder at Work!

A person in a well dressed suit is no doubt impressive. However, with time if you cultivate the habit of power dressing, automatically you would have yourself in a position that creates a stature in the minds of your colleagues at large. By colleagues, we intend to include your superiors as well.

Broaden your horizons – Special Occasions!

Make sure that you are not over dressed for any occasion. Elegance is called for in a wedding party, a business meeting would require a crisp business suit.  Therefore, it is essential that one dresses for the particular occasion. Have the most of the said occasion, dressed in an appropriate attire.

Suits You Right

The correct length of the suit is to have them stitched till the middle of your palm, when your arms fall naturally in a standing position. Additionally, make sure that you have:

  •  The middle #button of your #suit buttoned up while standing. #Suitsyouright tip
  • The shoulder length needs to end at the shoulder itself.
  • The cuff of the suit should ideally just rest on the shoe.

Suit up right and radiate elan, with ease, in a perfect fitting suit custom made especially for you from #PNRAO!

A new attire for every occasion, a new Beginning!

None of us like to repeat the same dress when going for that important day! All men say that dressing is not as important to them, as to woman, but we all know that charm and dashing personality can never take a secondary step!  A new year has opened its arms to us and its time for us to make that small wish once again to dress new for every occasion. Be it a job interview, a wedding or a secret date with your new girlfriend. 


Dressing aptly

Suiting up well for any other pursuit that life throws up to you, the foremost step is being prepared! A prepared mind emits the required confidence and zeal to make the important endevours of your life and achieve the success of your wishful thinking. Dressing aptly for an occasion is one such grounding that each one of us require to outshine in a venture.

 Beginning with the Basics

In our life the 20’s are the imperative years where we brush up our basics. These are the formative years of a person’s life.  If you are in your 20’s we suggest you to give into experimentation. In your formal attire you may include the following:

* A classic white shirt

* A blazer

* Suit in grey

* Tie in a solid colour.

Enhance your attire seamlessly in formals. You will never go wrong with the above.

Colour up wisely!

As you grow with age, keep on experimenting with colours. The colour of shirts that you choose, the ties that you prefer to wear and so on. Have the colours that you choose to wear be the ones that complement your complexion.

 Survival of the fittest!

Gone are those days when clothes were bought a size bigger than necessary. Have the real radiance of your personality spread in a well trimmed clothing. Making an impression becomes simple when you wear clothes that fit perfectly. So, if you are gearing up for an interview or are going for a wedding strike an impression in clothes that suit your personality and have a neat fit.

 In a P N RAO!

At P N RAO each day we strive to provide you with the best of clothing experience. We believe in providing you with quality fabrics with bespoke tailoring. With the advent of this New Year we also hope to make new beginnings and help you discover life’s finer moments. Make your way to any of the P N RAO stores and get a gamut of options to choose from!

They say, ‘first impression is the best impression’. But why make only the first impression the best?