Joining a new job? Dress for it

P N RAO - Getting ready for the 1st job

Congrats for your new job! Feeling rattled over the evergreen question: what to wear on your first day of the job’ is quite natural. The last thing any of us want is the way Meryl Streep looked at Anne Hathaway on her first day in the movie “Devil Wears Prada”. So dress according to the demands of your job. You should always draw a fine line between what you think perfect for a Friday night out and for your office.

In most of the cases, there are no well edged rules of what to wear on office. But if you are so bewildered, tread the safe path and go conservative. If you would like to be on the secure side of dressing, then try to understand the corporate culture.

Take a note of these basic points and make your first impression the best one.

” Presentation matters “

Casuals are not a synonym for ‘being disheveled’.

Dress according to the demands of your job – professional, serious and formal

Certain offices come with a strict dress code. In such a case, assembling your office wardrobe will not be a much tedious task. You just have to follow the rules. But most of the offices don’t have a written dress code and it entirely depends on you to get your attire the perfect one for the situation.

You can always look for inspirations even in your office wardrobe. If you are a manager, you can have a look at what other influential managers wear.

The best conventional office attire for men includes a button-down shirt, a blue, black or gray jacket, formal tie, slacks that go well with the jacket and black shoes – well polished.

The unavoidable apparel for women’s office clothing includes the blazer, pencil skirt, button down blouse, slacks or pant suits. Wear minimal makeup. The jewelry should also be simple. You can wear flats or moderate heels, not to say, well polished.

Always keep in mind that your dressing sense in office should highlight your professionalism and competence. You are not dressing for a party. But certain people will confuse the formal and party wear which can even be fatal to their careers. If you look gorgeous in a dress, it doesn’t mean that you should wear the same at your office.

A mistake people do in dressing is wearing clothes that do not fit them. Choose clothing that fits you perfectly without looking baggy or floppy.

In your first day in the new job, or in an interview, appearance counts. Your dress can make a negative or positive impression in your boss. Your attitude and your approach to work are judged through your dress code during your first days. You can win or fail an interview through your clothes.

Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society”. Appearance renders credibility. Most of us will develop a liking for a best dressed person.  Being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness. So scale your career to great heights with your attire and attitude.



Why do Politicians go for black and white?


          Its election time, campaigning is progressing across the nook and corner of the country. You might have been flooded with the smiling posters of your local candidates dressed in white. Have you ever thought why do our politicians wear white or black? Why can’t they choose any other shade to wear?

            Most politicians in India choose to wear white. We should be happy to see that the politicians in India, irrespective of their so called different ideologies, at least have an unwritten consensus on something – on wearing the white attire.

           White is the symbol of purity. It is the colour of righteousness. May be the politicians want to mask their inside, which is black with corruption, with the pure white outside. They may be in an earnest effort to show people that they are truly white and pure as the clothes they wear. They want to enforce the fact that they are idealist and upright politicians, as the people think of them. Politicians are expected to be spotless and untainted. This might also be one of the reasons for the politicians to wear white.

          Have you ever spotted a stain in the white attire of Indian politicians? NO. It is pure white and remains white forever. May be they might be having a good stain removing detergent at their homes. Or they may be having loads of white clothes to wear each day. We are all aware of the fact that our politicians are rich enough to afford it.

        Have you thought of any other funny effect of wearing white?  In our country, incidents of throwing ink at the politicians are increasing these days. This coupled with their white dress will provide us with great entertainment.

         May be all politicians want to show their uniformity in their corrupt power hungry endeavours. We all know that all of them are equally corrupt. They might want to show their oneness at least in the matter of corruption.

         White is often regarded as a simple dress. Politicians also wish to convey the message of their simplicity to the voters out there.

         As with white, black is also a favourite shade for politicians to wear. Black is a commanding colour and it demands respect. Politicians here express their desire to be respected, irrespective of their motives.

        Some of the modern and young politicians are not sticking to the over dominant white rule in the politics. Change is slowly invading the dressing style of our politicians too and it is a sign of relief to the monotonous attire. After all, change is the only thing that never changes.

        I think the politicians in our country should try for other shade of clothes that enhance their personality. I believe that the politicians should impress the people through their ideologies and actions and not through their funny attire.