Top tips to stay stylish in the rain

The scorching sun will give way to the romantic rainy season within a few days. Looking fabulous in the monsoon season is a task hard to accomplish. Raise your rainy fashion style with these handy tips. Here are the hot must-haves to put your best foot forward among the raindrops.

Rock the rains with your rain boots

Also known as Wellington boots, they come in a variety of colours. The plain black ones are the favourite giving a classy feel to your appearance. Style coupled with comfort is what makes the rain boots the most popular during the monsoon. They will protect the rims of your trousers from mud, keeping your feet dry creating a casual cowboy feeling.

Create a statement with the rain coats

Don’t go for the bulky ones; look out for the high fashion rain wear, like a trench coat. Again, don’t choose the boring shades. Experiment with colours and prints. It will make all the difference.

Trousers with raised hems

It is the look that is IN now a day. Along with updating with the latest trend, it is also the most comfortable form of apparel in the rushing rains.

Beat the rains with a modish umbrella

An umbrella is the obvious accessory that will beat the rain in style. The black umbrella will add more appeal to your form. Remember those enticing pictures of men carrying a black umbrella in the rain. Your look will definitely raise the style temperature.

Go for a fedora

Be proud of the fact that, you still manage to look stylish even in the damp monsoon. Thanks for your fedora hat.

Look funky in the rains

A waterproof stylish watch is a must-have in your monsoon wardrobe. A pair of boots that keep the water away, preferably sneakers, will enhance your X factor even in the rain.

Dressing inappropriately for the weather is a deadly fashion sin. We don’t want our cool readers to be guilty of such a sin. So follow the tips and be the center of attraction in the coolest season. Be ready to splash the pools with your style.

Do you make these mistakes?

Clothes do not make the man, its all about knowing the rules in the world of fashion. Surely, you might have been found guilty of committing some fashion mistakes every now and then. Even the best dressed celebrities have been found to do so. You can reduce your fashion mistakes by knowing certain worst style habits. Here are the most common fashion mistakes men make. Adjust your wardrobe according to these tips and be a style icon.

Are you wearing this shirt that does not fit you perfectly, still for the sake of matching with the latest trend? Sorry, you are making the most common fashion mistake. Always wear clothes that fit you perfectly.  It should not be too over-sized that you look like a court jester in it. Even the overweight person will look smarter in well fit clothes. Always get your clothes tailored or go for a custom fit. In an over-sized garment, you look more heavy than usual.

Wear clothes according to the season is one of the basic rules of style most of you ignore. Have you ever caught of wearing woolen clothes in the midst of summer? Then this style rule applies exclusively for you. Wearing season-appropriate clothes is fashion forward and it never goes out of style.

Now it is time for deciphering one of the top fashion mistake men make. Its all about the ties. Style Gurus emphasis on wearing the ties that match with your suit. One of the top style rules is not to wear ties with a short sleeved shirt. Choose the colours that match with your shirt and not clashing with it. The best matched tie can enhance the appeal of your clothes.

Now, some rules for wearing the perfect trousers. Trousers should end along the top of the heel of your shoes. Your trousers should not brush the floor. Apply these tips while getting your trousers tailored.

Are you going for great brands without noticing how well it fit you? Flaunting brands is good. But getting a fit-perfect suit which helps you steal the limelight is better.

Be cautious of selecting your shoes. Wear those shoes that match your trousers. Remember that matching trousers and shoes are not always the best option. A pair of grey pants looks best with a pair of black shoes, not grey shoes.

Are you doing the mistake of mixing floral with graphics? It is a big NO-NO. Avoid flashy prints and colours.

Wearing wrinkled clothes is not fashion forward. Trust me; it will make you look like out of place in your office. Neither your date will be impressed by it. Take time to iron your clothes and create an impression.

So the next time you are going out dress smartly to avoid the common fashion mistakes. Make a style statement with your clothes. Let your attire define you.