Fusion Magic

Trend has changed and the practice of wearing complete formals is rarely seen nowadays. Recently a new trend called “Fusion wear” has gained the attention of Indian fashion industry and now it is trending among men these days.

No one prefers to wear complete formals now as the Fusion style of wearing Shirt and jeans, which is one of the fusion styles, has been accepted as formals. It is trendy, gives you a stylish look and also found to be more comfortable. That’s why many of them have chosen Fusion wear than complete formals.

P N RAO - Men's Semi Formal Wear

As more and more professionals switched to Fusion wear, many companies also accepted it as an appropriate formal wear. And it’s not only something you could wear to your office but also for other occasions such as parties, wedding ceremonies etc.

It comes with many other trendy wears and has caught the attention of men. The western styled formals has been altered and re-designed to make it look more Indian. And thus it becomes a mix of Indian and western styles. It has got a taste of Indian culture, which anyone could understand from the designs and it has been greatly accepted in the market. The Fusion wear magically makes you look classy and some of the fusion wears make you look young. Fusion wear has also become a symbol of standard and it is one of the major reasons for its acceptance over the complete formal wear.