The James Bond Suit

james bond

Leaving behind the mind-blowing gizmos and the amazing life that James Bond has, it’s the style he holds that captures the eyes of the whole world. Ever since Sean Connery appeared as James Bond in Dr No (1962 release), the craze for the poignant elegance conveyed by the James Bond suit has never gone out of style. James Bond is the name of a fictional character playing the role a British secret service agent, created by Ian Fleming. We’ll just have to thank Ian Fleming for introducing a man who has inspired men style for a long while already. Let’s get down onto discuss more about the details of style exhibited by Mr. Bond throughout the years.

The Sandown Hat:

sandown hat

The Sandown Hat would be one of the least noticed detail from James Bond’s closet. Sean Connery was just out with a complete showcase of the hat from ‘Dr No’ till the ‘Gold Finger’ mission. Though not followed by the other actors who played Bond, this trilby style hat sure was a great spec of added grace to the stylish ensemble.

The Bow- Tie:


The moment someone hears the name James Bond, they just start visualising a man in his suit and a bow-tie. Bow-tie has been a favourite James Bond accessory from the times of Sean Connery till our current Bond, Daniel Craig. Bond usually appears with his bow-tie on party occasions, more usually on the parties where he is set to meet the villains

The Grey suit:

The grey suit just went out to be real popular only after Mr. James slipped into one. Though grey suit was endorsed by every actor who played Bond, it’s always Sean Connery in a grey suit that pops up in our mind. The British accent of dressing has already impressed masses through the walks and talks of Mr. Bond in the movies. The grey suit that stole the hearts of millions is a three-piece one which is Glen Plaid tropical weave in grey. It includes the waist coast, the suit with 2 buttons on the front and 4 buttons on its cuffs, light blue shirt with cocktail cuffs, along with the grenadine weave navy tie.

The Midnight Blue suit:

This is a very common suit that has been in a follow of attire throughout the James Bond series, only that we had mistaken it for black suits. The midnight blue dinner suits are tuxedos with black lapels worn with the bow-tie and white shirts. The colour of the suit finds the exact match of the blue colour of the midnight sky. One could only differentiate between the blue cloth and black lapel with the day light; else you’ll just miss the blue tone like so many have always did. This blue shade was slightly replaced by midnight velvet shade in ‘Diamonds are forever’ movie.

The Brown suits:

Never being a part of fashion in London, the brown suits made their way to decorate Mr. Bond in most of his missions throughout the series. These brown suits were traditionally worn on the country side and made of rusty cloth patterns like tweed and flannel, but DanielCraig had a better kind of material for his ‘Quantum of Solace’ venture.

That’s all folks about the basic details of James Bond style. It’s your time to get onto walk with elegance, the James Bond way. Just hop into one and you’ll never regret it.

5 accessories that will add elegance to your sherwani

It is so true that Sherwani has been an integral part of traditional Indian attire for all kinds of celebrations we could ever think of. And especially the first and best pick for the big fast wedding, be it the groom or the guest. The word ‘Sherwani’ actually refers to the dress of the people of Shirvan in the Southern Caucasus region, the people from that region had a considerable impact on the arts and culture of the Mughal Empire and hence sherwani is all here with us. Undoubtedly, a sherwani adds elegance to your appearance, but wouldn’t it be great if you could more elegance to the sherwani itself. Well, the following accessories could help you on that and P N RAO can help on owning those accessories with style.

Tie the turbans

PNRAO  191734

Turban is something that will do the first part of the whole trick. If you’re in a sherwani and wearing a turban, one can bet for sure, they’ll notice your turban before they have a glance on your sherwani. Adding to these, turbans are an integral part of an Indian groom’s outfit. And, instead of settling for a simple turban, go for a bejewelled one. You could shop for graceful designer turbans at PNRAO in Bangalore; turbans which are studded with precious or semi-precious stones, coloured to match your sherwani and with stunning patterns are all awaiting you at PNRAO.

Kalgi, the turban’s delight:

kalgi P N RAO

Turbans may catch the attention of the masses, but a kalgi pinned on to it will steal the show. Kalgi is a brooch for your turban. Establish a prominent look on your turbans with pinning a shinning kalgi to it. It’s real better to go for an ornamented kalgi that would match with the colours of your sherwani.

Go grand with the Pearl mala

These are nothing but the pearl garlands that a man could mount on while in a sherwani. Pearls are highly underrated by men, but men can pair to their sherwani them with utmost poise. The Pearl malas or garlands were traditionally worn by Maharajas on special occasions, not to mention that those were made of freshwater pearls.

Pin the brooches

P N RAO brooches

You can just simply pin brooches on your sherwani to liven it up. A brooch is a versatile accessory and it could be easily paired up with any kind of outfit, be it the traditional or the western. Go with gold brooches for your sherwani to embed the style direct into the sherwani.

Sport on a Jutti, the royal way

p n rao jutti

After putting in this much attention to your whole attire, it would be unfair if you didn’t care about the footwear to match your sherwani. Just sport on a Jutti, as you’ll never be so wrong in life if you had thought people will never notice it. Especially if you are a groom in the big fat wedding, make sure you will never miss out the Jutti.

Colours to beat the heat!

Living in a tropical country like ours, the summer heat is nothing new to us. The summer is already here; and ice water, air-conditioned rooms and ice creams are only a few elements that make summer enjoyable for most of us. The warmer temperatures and longer days seem to put a sign of discomfort on everyone’s face, which is pretty much something that everyone has it in this season. This heat influenced discomfort has a cure that could heal the situation. The solution to heal comes in handy and also with style. The choice of colour to match the season is all that takes to save you out of the restless sweat and the beat the heat on the whole.

Neutral colours:

Neutral colours can relieve you well from the atmospheric heat as they do not absorb heat. The best part of these colours is that these are neutral and absolutely subtle. Adding to the relief from heat, neutral colours can be matched in style with nearly any shade and colour. You can couple a neutral colour like the flesh or the skin colour and earthy tan with almost any shade for elegant look this summer. Neutral colours hold real good for your business attire too.

Softly tinted shades:

Not everyone will know what a softly tinted shade will look like, for those people just take your mobile phone, open a picture of yours in a dark colour dress with any photo editing app. and then look for the ‘tint’ option in the colour editing section. Now you’ll know what a tinted shade looks like. These softly tinted shades will provide you with a gentle, subtle look and more importantly keeps you cool. Similar to the neutrals, these shades combine well with most other shades especially with neutral and dark pastels.

The Mid-tone pastels:

In contrast with a traditional real light colours, mid-tones are a bit deep and a bit likely bright. But, not so bright or deep to absorb all the atmospheric heat into the outfit. These mid-tones while paired with white gets you a crisp look, meanwhile with taupe-based neutrals gets you a softer and more comfortable feel along with a graceful look.

Colours gone wild:

Colours, colours and more colours, this is what we have been into for this summer. Get the style right in the summer; it’s all about feeling cool by wearing distinctive hues. Expand the colour options and choices to wild colours like lavender, lilac, mint green, ivory, coral pink and light blue. You sure will feel cool on these colours but it might not suit everyone’s style, be wise with the pick on this summer.

Keep it light or just white:

Is selection of colours confusing you with the fashion shade jargons? Well, there is always a simple colour solution for the summer. Yup, you are right, keep the shade light or just go with white. White has been the most opted colour for summer throughout history and till date. You always have the choice of keeping things simple.

The fashion for you is out here with so many shades to keep you cool all through the season of scorching sun. It’s just your choice to keep it simple or to just give a try on other options available. And, all the best to beat the heat and stay all cool throughout the summer.