Dress according to your body type

Your dressing sense gives a deeper insight to your overall personality and brings out the real you. Dressing is not just to cover the body, but something which adds meaning to your individualism to set you apart from the ordinary. A well dressed man is a brilliant charmer and a spectacular showman at the same time. Be honest, haven’t you ever felt a sense of entirety while wearing your favourite suit or the one that fits you the best?

Man wearing oversized suit --- Image by © CJ Burton/Corbis

So, have you ever wondered how fashion goes wrong?

Yes, it does go wrong! We are not talking about ramp walks; we are talking about real life situations where dressing is the only bridge between you and the world around you. Over dressed or underdressed, it is a choice we make as an individual. Good or bad, it is the judgement made by the person you are going to meet or group of people you are going to address. Not dressing according to the body type is the most common mistake many of us commit and wait, we do have an excuse for it and which says, “Thou shall not judge”. Well what happens is the exactly opposite and we are judged either upfront or made felt that something has indeed gone wrong.

There is nothing wrong in dressing simple and neat. On the contrary it is the best way to avoid awkward moments at social gatherings. At the end of the day simplicity is either applauded or simply goes unnoticed.

Right up front — if you’re buying clothes that you plan to fit into after sticking to your diet/workout for a few months, you’re probably never going to wear them.

There’s nothing wrong in planning on changing your body size or shape, but it’s not a guideline for your wardrobe.  You got to work it out with what you have when you get dressed in the morning.

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