Be office ready with P N RAO!

Home, a place where you can be at your ease wearing anything you want but an office is where you spend most of your time and where not only your skills and efforts on the work is important but appearance too. An appearance which is not only comfortable but reflects a professional image too. So, one should be very careful while choosing the right and comfortable appearance for office and if choosing the right clothes then be careful about the best professional ways of maintaining them on you.
1.       No matter if its scorching summer or you are burning under your sleeves, make sure you maintain the full sleeves as full sleeves but not half and the shirt should be tucked in all the time. Folding the sleeves and tucking out the shirt are not under professional ethics which a person should follow in cooperate industry. If you are uncomfortable with full sleeves then go for half sleeves.
2.       Pick right match of clothes to wear. It’s very important not to look weird at office with wrong match of shirt, trouser or tie; pink shirt and white trouser! Be sure that you are picking the right shirt which will perfectly match the trouser and the same goes with ties.
3.       Its casual Friday and you are free to wear casual but it doesn’t mean you can wear whatever you want. Casual in office doesn’t mean that you can wear round neck t-shirt and scratched- monkey washed jeans with flip-flops. Casual wear in office has its own column; Polo t-shirt and cotton pant/denim jeans with boots or any other which not only comes under casual wear but maintain an office decorum too.
4.       One should be very sure about wearing perfectly ironed clothes at office. Wrinkled shirt at office is not something which can help you in maintaining your professionalism. It is a sign that you are irresponsible about yourself and your stuffs. So if you were wearing them all these days then it’s the right to quit on your laziness and start using ironed clothes.

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