Closet classics: Wardrobe Essentials

Wake up in the morning and destined to look fabulous! Well, this is something we all wish for, but hardly do anything about it. ‘Oh I am lazy to dress up’ or ‘I look the best in all my avatars’ are the most common excuses we give ourselves on a daily basis.
Well no one is contradicting the fact that you look beautiful and everyone is beautiful in their own way. But when it comes to situations of utmost importance, it is imperative to be dressed for the occasion. You shan’t be deprived of the finer things in life due to wardrobe scarcity.
Here is a list of wardrobe essentials that will not just help you look adorable but glorify your persona:
A white button down shirt
Feel the simplicity of elegance that outshines with your casual look at office. Believe it or not it is the most versatile item in your wardrobe
A pale blue shirt
It is one of the most important workaday items for working professional. Feel fresh and confident like a flowing brook, every time you go for a meeting or even a casual reception.
Slime navy chinos
This is perhaps the best alternative to jeans and saves you from the situation of wearing a suit trouser for a casual get together party.
Summer friendly jacket
It not just helps you look glamorous when the whole city around you is flooded with perspiration. The ease of usage is the best part. Pull it over your polo shirt and you are good to go.
Tan derbies
A pair of tan derby shoes goes exceptionally well with chinos and fairly well with Khakis. So let your feet feel the luxury of class and superior fashion.
Believe it or not, the day you will find relevance of dressing not just well but outstanding, success will knock your worthy doors. Give your wardrobe a new touch of fashion quotient and live a life on your terms.

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