Commuters’ Mantra to style

What is the point of wearing fine fabric when you know the charm will plunge down by the time you reach your office? By the way this happens on a daily basis! So stay calm and dress simple but precise! Our 9 to 5 schedule comes as a curse for our fashion instincts because it gets really tough to carry our best of the outfits, which we want to wear to office but end up spoiling due to our mode of transportation. Well here are few tips you may want to explore to look trendy and fashionable every day, and yes they are comfortable to carry as well:
Fabric matters
Wear something which is light and mostly wrinkle free. As you never know you may have to go for a meeting just after reaching office. Wearing heavy stuff may end up dumping your style quotient down the drain. Linen or light cotton wearable is what you are looking for!
Is it raining? Avoid leather!
Who doesn’t like wearing shoes? But dampness is something which you are definitely not looking at, especially during the work hours. Make it a point to avoid wearing leather shoes if you are travelling around on a rainy day. A trendy sneaker is good enough to substitute your leather shoes for today.

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