Joining a new job? Dress for it

P N RAO - Getting ready for the 1st job

Congrats for your new job! Feeling rattled over the evergreen question: what to wear on your first day of the job’ is quite natural. The last thing any of us want is the way Meryl Streep looked at Anne Hathaway on her first day in the movie “Devil Wears Prada”. So dress according to the demands of your job. You should always draw a fine line between what you think perfect for a Friday night out and for your office.

In most of the cases, there are no well edged rules of what to wear on office. But if you are so bewildered, tread the safe path and go conservative. If you would like to be on the secure side of dressing, then try to understand the corporate culture.

Take a note of these basic points and make your first impression the best one.

” Presentation matters “

Casuals are not a synonym for ‘being disheveled’.

Dress according to the demands of your job – professional, serious and formal

Certain offices come with a strict dress code. In such a case, assembling your office wardrobe will not be a much tedious task. You just have to follow the rules. But most of the offices don’t have a written dress code and it entirely depends on you to get your attire the perfect one for the situation.

You can always look for inspirations even in your office wardrobe. If you are a manager, you can have a look at what other influential managers wear.

The best conventional office attire for men includes a button-down shirt, a blue, black or gray jacket, formal tie, slacks that go well with the jacket and black shoes – well polished.

The unavoidable apparel for women’s office clothing includes the blazer, pencil skirt, button down blouse, slacks or pant suits. Wear minimal makeup. The jewelry should also be simple. You can wear flats or moderate heels, not to say, well polished.

Always keep in mind that your dressing sense in office should highlight your professionalism and competence. You are not dressing for a party. But certain people will confuse the formal and party wear which can even be fatal to their careers. If you look gorgeous in a dress, it doesn’t mean that you should wear the same at your office.

A mistake people do in dressing is wearing clothes that do not fit them. Choose clothing that fits you perfectly without looking baggy or floppy.

In your first day in the new job, or in an interview, appearance counts. Your dress can make a negative or positive impression in your boss. Your attitude and your approach to work are judged through your dress code during your first days. You can win or fail an interview through your clothes.

Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society”. Appearance renders credibility. Most of us will develop a liking for a best dressed person.  Being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness. So scale your career to great heights with your attire and attitude.


Get the Color Right

A man who knows how to wear color well can really turn some heads. According to Kim Johnson Gross, co-founder of Chic Simple Ltd, men shouldn’t be afraid of color but should embrace it. They should experiment even if it’s just with shirt colors. Kim and I discussed this topic and we came up with several tips men need to know about wearing color.

  1. Especially wear color in summer
    Summer is such a festive time of year. Light and bright colors are de rigeur. So I advise you to choose a color that is your signature color for the season and one that enhances your natural skin and hair tone.
  2. Stay away from beige colored shirts
    Beige is a bad color for shirts or any article that is around the face. It is rarely a good color for someone. I don’t know why designers continue to push this color on us. Just don’t secumb to the pressure.
  3. French blue is always a good choice
    French blue, which is a rich medium blue, is a flattering color for most skin tones. It makes a great dress shirt, which is mainly where you will find this sumptuous hue.
  4. Stay away from bright, solid-colored socks
    Colorful socks are okay if they have a design like stripes or argyle. But bright, solid-colored socks are simply not a good idea. Donny Osmond is suddenly coming to mind.
  5. Keep color around the face
    Again, it is important to keep flattering colors that enhance skin and eye color around the face. You don’t want to look like you just got out of the hospital, do you?
  6. Stay away from loud patterns
    They are distracting and ultimately not a good thing. If it was ever in, it was the eighties, but we’ve thankfully moved on.
  7. Take a look around you
    If you are baffled about how to incorporate more color into your wardrobe, take a look around you. Look at ads and store displays. For example, Ralph Lauren really uses a lot of color in his collections. He styles his clothes well—gives classics a twist by using color. Also, Brooks Brothers has more recently had great options with color. If you are traveling abroad, see how the locals use color. Italians are probably the best at wearing color–you would be hard pressed to see people there wearing dark, drab colors.                                                      


Formal Shirt-Basic Know how’s!!!

A man’s formal shirt can elegantly frame his face during a presentation and later absorb his perspiration during a tough round of questioning. It can play a supporting role by enhancing his sport jacket or it can stand alone and be the centrepiece of his outfit.

But why would any anyone read this article because details matter. In any given day we only speak with a small percentage of the people we see; the shirt you wear, in the absence of a jacket, is the most powerful signal you are using to non-verbally communicate with those around you. Your shirt, whether you like it or not, is speaking for you; make sure it’s saying what you intend.

What is a Formal Shirt: A proper formal shirt is a button-up shirt with a collar, long sleeves, and wrist cuffs. It is usually made from a cotton fabric woven and dyed into various, non-obtrusive patterns and colours. By altering these characteristics, a dress shirt can either send the message its wearer is ready for sport or ready to meet the president.

Formal Shirt Fit: Most men wear dress shirts that do not fit them properly. The problem is that readymade garments are made to fit many; as a result, they fit no one perfectly. We all compromise somewhere if a shirt fits us in the neck it fails us in the sleeve length; if it fits well in the sleeves, it billows out around the stomach. So the fit described here is generally only achievable on a custom shirt or one that’s close to fitting and then tailored by a skilled hand.

A well fitted dress shirt should first and foremost be comfortable; this is different for every man. Larger men are usually complimented by a looser fit while petite and thin men are complimented by a more form cut. In general, though, a shirt should:

  • Allow two fingers in the collar when buttoned.
  • Be tight enough around the wrist so that the cuffs must be unbuttoned to slip them off.
  • Have long enough sleeves so that you can raise your arms like wings and not pull the cuffs down the forearm; they should be short enough so that you don’t have more than 1 inch of fabric bunching near the cuff when your arms hang.
  • Shoulder points that extend to the end of the shoulder and no farther.
  • Have room in the chest and waist to pinch out 1-3 inches of fabric (depending on fit desired).

When a men suits up he wants to look best and for this  best look he never hesitate to buy custom made shirt of his budget. Sometime during very special occasion he could go beyond the budget also to get the best fitted shirt.

The biggest difference between the dress shirt and sports shirt is the fit. Sport shirts are more loosely fitted while dress shirts are more tailored and meant to be worn with a tie and under a suit. Simply put, dress shirts should fit you like they were made for you. They also tend to be more expensive. Why is this you ask? Dress shirts have better construction, better detailing and are typically made of better quality cottons.

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