5 accessories that will add elegance to your sherwani

It is so true that Sherwani has been an integral part of traditional Indian attire for all kinds of celebrations we could ever think of. And especially the first and best pick for the big fast wedding, be it the groom or the guest. The word ‘Sherwani’ actually refers to the dress of the people of Shirvan in the Southern Caucasus region, the people from that region had a considerable impact on the arts and culture of the Mughal Empire and hence sherwani is all here with us. Undoubtedly, a sherwani adds elegance to your appearance, but wouldn’t it be great if you could more elegance to the sherwani itself. Well, the following accessories could help you on that and P N RAO can help on owning those accessories with style.

Tie the turbans

PNRAO  191734

Turban is something that will do the first part of the whole trick. If you’re in a sherwani and wearing a turban, one can bet for sure, they’ll notice your turban before they have a glance on your sherwani. Adding to these, turbans are an integral part of an Indian groom’s outfit. And, instead of settling for a simple turban, go for a bejewelled one. You could shop for graceful designer turbans at PNRAO in Bangalore; turbans which are studded with precious or semi-precious stones, coloured to match your sherwani and with stunning patterns are all awaiting you at PNRAO.

Kalgi, the turban’s delight:

kalgi P N RAO

Turbans may catch the attention of the masses, but a kalgi pinned on to it will steal the show. Kalgi is a brooch for your turban. Establish a prominent look on your turbans with pinning a shinning kalgi to it. It’s real better to go for an ornamented kalgi that would match with the colours of your sherwani.

Go grand with the Pearl mala

These are nothing but the pearl garlands that a man could mount on while in a sherwani. Pearls are highly underrated by men, but men can pair to their sherwani them with utmost poise. The Pearl malas or garlands were traditionally worn by Maharajas on special occasions, not to mention that those were made of freshwater pearls.

Pin the brooches

P N RAO brooches

You can just simply pin brooches on your sherwani to liven it up. A brooch is a versatile accessory and it could be easily paired up with any kind of outfit, be it the traditional or the western. Go with gold brooches for your sherwani to embed the style direct into the sherwani.

Sport on a Jutti, the royal way

p n rao jutti

After putting in this much attention to your whole attire, it would be unfair if you didn’t care about the footwear to match your sherwani. Just sport on a Jutti, as you’ll never be so wrong in life if you had thought people will never notice it. Especially if you are a groom in the big fat wedding, make sure you will never miss out the Jutti.

Dress up for your best friends wedding!

The best part of everyone’s life is the time spent with a friend. Literally the ultimate moments of happiness were the time with a friend who has always been at your side during all aspects of life. Now, when it comes to his/ her wedding, the specialness of the moment doesn’t limit within their lives, but extends to yours too. It’s seemingly important in what’s your choice of dress to your friend’s wedding. Let’s see about the various choices that you could make based on the wedding situations.

PNRAO  191602

Daytime wedding
In recent times, suits have been an increasingly popular choice when it comes to a wedding. We at P N RAO have seen the difficulty that rises among people with what type of suit to wear to the wedding. And is not just an ordinary wedding, it’s your friend’s wedding where you get a chance to showcase your style with your all other fellow friends. In a daytime wedding on summertime, it’s always advised to be in a light-coloured suit, especially linen or seersucker. While for the weddings on winter, it’s time for warmer clothing like wool suits and a navy blazer. Navy blazer with charcoal pant makes an awesome fashion team, at the same time depending on the temperature mount on a sweater underneath the blazer. You could also dress up with decent dress shirt, tie and dress pants, but dress it up with a blazer to add up elegance to the whole attire. And remember, daytime wedding are no place for tuxedoes

Evening Occasion
It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter when it comes the colour of suit at evening occasions of the wedding. For any evening occasion of the wedding, a dark suit is always appropriate. Just stay casual; you can wear a blazer and clacks with a nice tie. It’s vital to make sure that if you have a tuxedo, or you just like wearing one, by all means do it. A tuxedo is an evening thing; it adds up grace to your appearance throughout the occasion. Remember James bond in his tuxedo and a bow-tie, how sartorial he looked on it. That’s the right way to feature yourself in the evening occasion of your friend’s wedding. When you suit up in a tuxedo, you can choose between a black shirt and a collarless white shirt to blend in style with the ensemble.

Desi weddings

You could be the best friend to him/her who has always spent your free time at his/her home. This means you’re part of the family and you have very good relationship with the friend’s family. This is the time when you turn to wear something that will be in match with the whole family’s fashion plan for the big day. Wear a suit if the family is taking the western road, but if it’s going to be the Indian way, you know what you’ll have to wear. It’s most probably the sherwani, India’s favourite wedding outfit. Get your sherwani to be bright and with a festive outlook to get in sync with the wedding celebration. Well, now you the appropriate attire to dress up for your friend’s wedding.

Smart tricks to impress her parents

When we, Indians, decide to celebrate our love and finally get ready for the bond of marriage, we do it with so much pomp and show that no wonder it is called “The Big Fat Indian Wedding”. The toughest part of the Big Fat Indian is the road to the hearts of the bride’s parents. You, absolutely, must wow her parents to get that stamp of approval from them. No matter how well you get along with your bride-to-be, convincing her parents is, of course, going to be one Herculean task that you just can’t afford to mess up.

You might know your girlfriend as a complete drama queen (in an adorably cute way, of course!) but she’ll always be an innocent little girl for her parents. And they will put you in the hot-seat under their watchful eyes to scrutinize every little thing you say or do. As much as it might scare you, you must put up your best foot forward to ensure that they see the best of you.  With the right steps, you will become that knight-in-shining- armour to whom they shall delightfully entrust the hands of their darling daughter.

P N RAO has always been on your side when it comes to weddings. So, how could you not help you with this big step? We bring the best of our tried and tested pointers to help you wow her parents.

1. The Smart Dressing Rule:

She might like you to flaunt your spiky hair-do and your snazzy leather jackets with ripped jeans on any other day. However, that’s really not something that you should wear for that crucial first meeting with her parents. You must come across as a perfect gentleman so that they can trust you with their daughter.

Shave and dress appropriately. Pair up a formal or semi-formal shirt with a simple chino for a last impression. Ensure that the fitting is just right for you. After all, you don’t want to look like a nerd in loose clothes! Accessorize with a smart watch that compliments your look.

2. Know your basics:

To increase your chances of bonding well with her family, make sure you recall all the important information that she has shared about her family.  These petty little things do make a difference!
For eg: You wouldn’t want to get Chicken nuggets for her strictly vegetarian mother.

If you are planning to get gifts for them, choosing gifts becomes simpler with that information. You can pick just the perfect thing for them. Besides, knowing something about them beforehand gives you something easy to talk about. You can then lure them into a charming conversation and stay clear of any trouble.

3. Engage them in a conversation:

Before they shoot you down with their qualms about your relationship, get a grip on the situation. Be the smooth talker and lure them into a conversation that keeps them hooked.

Don’t shy away from getting the ball rolling, if that’s what it takes. Talk politely and respectfully. Compliment them for their upbringing and all things. Answer their questions with humility. Besides, it would be just the perfect way for them to get to know you better in a short span of time.

4. Bond well with her Dad:

Let’s be honest here. Mothers will always be easy to impress: Compliment them on their appearance, dressing, cooking and housekeeping and half your job is done there. After all, mothers are usually the more compassionate ones who can easily spot the gentleman in you.

Convincing her Dad usually is more of a trouble because they tend to be stricter, especially with the suitors for his daughter. Learn about his interests and engage him a conversation. Make sure you show him the best side of you. Once he gets to know the perfect gentleman in you, he wouldn’t have any reasons to hold back any more.

5. Be honest:

They are about to trust you with their daughter for a lifetime of togetherness. This is not a place for you to hide stuff from them. Be honest about yourself.

Make sure you don’t hide anything from them, especially about your family and career. You do not have to act as a different person. Be who are and make them believe in you. They just need to know that their daughter will be happy with you forever and you shall do all it takes to make sure of that.

6. No PDA:

Yes we know that there is nothing wrong in holding hands or a gentle peck on the cheek but that’s really not something you should risk doing in front of her parents. No matter how hard is the temptation, never try to get cosy with your sweetheart when her parents are around.

Take a cue from all the heroes in the romantic Bollywood blockbusters where the hero tries PDA in front of the girl’s parents. The results were never good!

Yes, we agree it is a huge deal but be confident of yourself.  Be yourself and don’t panic.
Just show them that you truly intend to promise a lifetime of happiness to their daughter and rest everything will fall into place.

P.N. Rao wishes you all the very best.

Things to avoid while buying your shaadi ki sherwani

On your wedding day everything becomes as important as the most important thing. However, there are priorities that can’t be altered. Among them the wedding dress surely falls among the top three. Your wedding wardrobe is surely going to be a permanent memory of your lifetime. Therefore, ensuring that the perfect combo has to be met is of ultimate importance. Considering that sherwanis have become the tidal trend for grooms, because of its regal classy look. However, you should ensure that you look nothing short of fabulous.


Here are a few tips that you could keep in mind, when you are planning for that one great sherwai, on your one great day.

  • Fabric is the key

Only a sherwani with a great fabric will give you that commendable look that can cast a spell on your partner. Anything outrageous would surely put of all the people, on a day when you want all eyes to be on you. So get the most elegant fabric, it is not optional but a mandate for your look.

  • Contrasting Colors

You don’t want start your life in contrasting colors!  The responsibility of ensuring that you look a great pair falls greatly on your attire. Ensuring that both the bride and groom look coherent on this great day is very important, because your snaps are going to be a lifelong keepsake.

  • Fit is hit

On your wedding day you do not want to look like the dress belonged to someone else. Keep in mind that custom made design would suit better as compared to the available fits. Also ensure that when you are on your wedding shopping spree take clothes that fit your body type. If you are very skinny- padded shoulders could make you look a little better built. Comfort is another point you would not want to compromise on such a day.

  • Attractive Aura

On your wedding get the best looking sherwani and never settle for anything lesser. Look for ones with extensive embroidery with an opulent texture. Sophistication is a key element of the groom; he has to look the best in the hall.

So make your wedding count! Get the best and look the best in for that one great day that has the value of a lifetime.

Why do Politicians go for black and white?


          Its election time, campaigning is progressing across the nook and corner of the country. You might have been flooded with the smiling posters of your local candidates dressed in white. Have you ever thought why do our politicians wear white or black? Why can’t they choose any other shade to wear?

            Most politicians in India choose to wear white. We should be happy to see that the politicians in India, irrespective of their so called different ideologies, at least have an unwritten consensus on something – on wearing the white attire.

           White is the symbol of purity. It is the colour of righteousness. May be the politicians want to mask their inside, which is black with corruption, with the pure white outside. They may be in an earnest effort to show people that they are truly white and pure as the clothes they wear. They want to enforce the fact that they are idealist and upright politicians, as the people think of them. Politicians are expected to be spotless and untainted. This might also be one of the reasons for the politicians to wear white.

          Have you ever spotted a stain in the white attire of Indian politicians? NO. It is pure white and remains white forever. May be they might be having a good stain removing detergent at their homes. Or they may be having loads of white clothes to wear each day. We are all aware of the fact that our politicians are rich enough to afford it.

        Have you thought of any other funny effect of wearing white?  In our country, incidents of throwing ink at the politicians are increasing these days. This coupled with their white dress will provide us with great entertainment.

         May be all politicians want to show their uniformity in their corrupt power hungry endeavours. We all know that all of them are equally corrupt. They might want to show their oneness at least in the matter of corruption.

         White is often regarded as a simple dress. Politicians also wish to convey the message of their simplicity to the voters out there.

         As with white, black is also a favourite shade for politicians to wear. Black is a commanding colour and it demands respect. Politicians here express their desire to be respected, irrespective of their motives.

        Some of the modern and young politicians are not sticking to the over dominant white rule in the politics. Change is slowly invading the dressing style of our politicians too and it is a sign of relief to the monotonous attire. After all, change is the only thing that never changes.

        I think the politicians in our country should try for other shade of clothes that enhance their personality. I believe that the politicians should impress the people through their ideologies and actions and not through their funny attire.

Tailor on call: Bringing exquisite formal wear to your doorstep

pn rao toc

The expression – ‘tailor-made’ couldn’t have been more aptly utilized as P N RAO’s new exclusive service ventures to take the tailoring world by storm. Tailor on call (TOC) is a pioneering initiative which now lets you get your dream suit stitched and delivered to your doorstep from the cozy comforts of your residence or office.

Bespoke services are the in-thing today. But P N RAO just takes the comfort-factor to a whole new level. Continuing with our legacy of being the pioneers in high-class formal wear for men in Bangalore, our professional craftsmen ensure that you’re making a statement. Dictated with our experience in luxury formal wear, we have been head-and-shoulders ahead of our competitors. We know that in the exclusive craftsmanship of fine suit tailoring it’s not just the perfect length, body fit, cuts and different pocket designs which are important the but even the fabric and colour of the suit have equal significance. The TOC service, which now has to ensure these facilities at your place is what makes it that more exigent and exceptional.

Our Legacy

Being one of the premier ‘fine suit’ format stores in Bangalore, our primary business objective is to cater to the needs of discerning customers and provide personalized attention and service. We stock a wide range of ready of ready-to-wear suits from some of India’s leading labels – Our range features both Indian and Western ensembles. We also have a wide range of exclusive fabrics from world-renowned brands.

P N Rao is a heritage brand known for its finely-tailored suits and ready-made luxury apparel. Started way back in 1923, it has completed over 90 glorious years of creating impeccable suits. And what many may not know is that P N Rao was handed the contract for suiting up the British regiment based on the skilful craftsmen. With an international clientele spread across the globe from Australia, the U K to the US, P N Rao is now a global brand. Our quality resonated in our variety as we have over 6000 kinds of fabrics, including ‘Mint’ – expensive fabric wool produced only in Chile, South Africa. P N Rao is the official brand partner for innumerable programs and we were recently chosen as the ‘Upcoming regional retailer of India’ by the Indian Fashion Forum.

Our value addition here is a standard of styling and tailoring that compares with the best in the world. And now by introducing this new comfy feature, we intend to carry our legacy of pioneering exclusives further to match the demands of the changing times.  

Why go elsewhere?

So, whenever you feel the need to upgrade your formal wardrobe, a

ll you need to do is contact us and our expert craftsman will be right there at you place with swatches of different fabrics and colours, designs and eclectic ideas. Give them your measurements and get a faux suit to know your fit. If convinced, select the colour, fabric, length, design, cut and be assured of a lightning-quick service.

An overwhelming response from our loyal-customer base has given us enough encouragement to take the TOC initiative beyond Bangalore. Avail our services by calling us on 9900100400 or email us at toc@pnrao.com to

 fix an appointment!

5 mistakes that men make with their suits!

“Clothes and manners do not make the man, but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance”
–  Arthur Ashe

Looking smart and sharp formally is easy when men have their suits on. Being in the business for about some time now, we at P N RAO, have witnessed the evolution of ‘suitings and shirtings’ style over the years in our country. Suits are the most dependable option while choosing a formal attire. It is needless to state here that suits help men (and women alike) make an impression on formal occasions. On the other hand, the same suit can go all wrong if it is worn inappropriately – without a perfect fit.


Find below 5 unfathomable mistakes that men tend to make with their suits:

1. A peeping undershirt – Though unintentional, a poking undershirt may undermine the entire look of the suit. Avoid wearing an undershirt which peeps from inside the shirt that you wear with your suit. However, if you have the habit of wearing an undershirt, you may get a’ v-neck’ that won’t creep up from under your shirt.

2. Wearing long blazers – Suits which are longer than the necessary length for a person, make the wearer look sloppy. When unsure of the ideal length of  your suit, follow our technique of getting the correct length – have the hem of the suit fall till your fingertips end naturally.

3. The labels – Bespoke or not, never forget to remove the labels of the suit before wearing the suit. Many men with the intention of removing the labels later, forget to remove them. It could turn out to be an embarrassing situation, so be cautious!

4. Long trousers – You definitely would not like to call for a disheveled look. Therefore, ensure that you have your trouser just rest on your shoes. It should not embarrass as a horizontal crease that shows up with a long trouser. Also, avoid wearing pleated pants. These make one look heavier than one actually is. Opt for flat fronts while getting a trouser stitched.

5. Flashy accessories – Focusing on flashy accessories like tie-clips, pocket squares, French cuffs and so on will take the focus from your suit.  Stick to simple and classic accessories only.


At P N RAO, have your suit tailor-made with superior fabrics and impeccable craftsmanship. Each suit is custom-fit for you and personalized with your choice of trims and expertise.

What To Look For In A Tie?

A neck tie is perhaps the most important piece of clothing accessory in a man’s wardrobe. Wondering why? Well there have been surveys which say that women first look at a tie to judge a man’s personality. Neckties speak a lot about a man’s personality providing just the perfect finishing touch to the whole look.

Hard as this may be to believe, tie-wearing is on the upswing, even among young men. They also make a popular choice for gifts. However, buying a tie can easily turn out into a failure, especially in a case you are unaware of some simple & basic rules that are a “must” when buying a new tie. To find a great tie at a value price, you have to pay attention to the details.

Here are some pointers that will help choosing the right tie:

Make sure the length of the tie is right for your height.
The entire length of the tie must be neither very long, nor too short. If you have a tall stature, you need to buy a long tie. The best measure of length, however, is how it falls on your own body. The tip of a properly-tied necktie should reach just past the trouser waist.

Make sure the tie is not too wide.
Knowing the right size of the tie will serve you well whether you’re buying handmade Italian imports or off-the-rack at supermarkets. Fashion has widened and narrowed ties back and forth over the years.  Don’t bother keeping track. A good necktie is right in the comfortable middle.  3 1/4″ is ideal for most men (the width is measured at the widest point, before the tapered tip if there is one).

Choose the right fabric or material to suit your needs.
Length and width are easy to judge with a ruler and a few minutes in a dressing room. The real difficulty between buying good ties and buying great ones at a value price lies in your ability to judge the fabric and construction. The highest quality made ties in the world are made from fine silk. Synthetic fabrics give a similar sheen but none of the rich texture and straight drape of silk.
Check to see if the silk has been cut “on the bias” — across the bolt of cloth — by draping the tie over your hand.  If it hangs straight it was cut properly.  If it curls and twists to one side or the other it was not cut on the bias, and is not going to hang as neatly.
The texture of the silk is also important.  Rough silk that catches on your skin as you slide a hand over it indicates a cheaper product.  The fibres are already stiff, and will break and lose their lustre quickly.  Look for smoothness and flexibility in the surface.

Be aware to the tie care/maintenance demands.
It is important to read the care labels on every tie so you could know what will need to be done in order to keep your tie looking clean and new, as some materials require spot cleaning, dry cleaning or even special laundering.

Get creative with the tie(s) you pick out.
Opting for solid colours gives you greater flexibility in pairing the tie with different shirts, and choosing a patterned or multiple coloured tie can give a plain suit a pop of colour and looks great against a solid white shirt for a hot of style.

If Summer Is Here, Can Summer Suits Be Far Behind

Summers in India are completely different than the western countries where it is considered to be pleasant. Summers at times are unbearable where it is associated with heat waves and humidity, but that necessarily doesn’t mean that we stop dressing like a gentleman.  There are lot of situations and events that calls for a formal dressing, and it is a nightmare to think about the thick, double breasted suit. You will not only be sweltering and reeling under the heat also you will stick out like a sore thumb.

So what can Indian men do, give in to the heat? Well summer is definitely not an excuse to sport your ratty Metallica T-shirts and ripped denim shorts with floaters. Have a little class people!

Sometimes, all that’s needed is a bit of perspective and searching and voila you will have that perfect bespoke suit that will easily carry you through the summer. There are two important things to look for in a suit for the summer.

Firstly the suit should be ideally of lighter fabrics such as silk, tropical wool, linen, poplin or even good quality cotton. Such weaves helps air pass through the cloth and stops the suit from feeling like a walking heat trap.

Second most important factor in choosing the right suit for summers is colour, unless your job entails you going from air-conditioned car to air-conditioned office and back again, you can get away with wearing dark suits straight through Dusshera. Light hue always reflects back heat and keeps you cool but that doesn’t mean you wear an all white suit which will only make you look like a wannabe Mithun Chakraborty. For the most part, white suits should be avoided. They tend to be impractical—because they get dirty so easily—and foppish, and sends the signal that you are as lightweight as the material.

There are other more everyday tips for suit wearers. Don’t treat the lunch hour like it’s a mini-holiday, keep out of the sun and stay in the shade. Wear shirts with a buttoned cuff, so there’s less fabric at the wrist and it’s easier to roll up the sleeves. Whenever possible, take off the jacket to try and keep cool.  And you will have the last laugh saying “Look at me! I have the discipline, good taste, and money to be able to laugh at the heat and look pretty damn good doing it, too.”