5 accessories that will add elegance to your sherwani

It is so true that Sherwani has been an integral part of traditional Indian attire for all kinds of celebrations we could ever think of. And especially the first and best pick for the big fast wedding, be it the groom or the guest. The word ‘Sherwani’ actually refers to the dress of the people of Shirvan in the Southern Caucasus region, the people from that region had a considerable impact on the arts and culture of the Mughal Empire and hence sherwani is all here with us. Undoubtedly, a sherwani adds elegance to your appearance, but wouldn’t it be great if you could more elegance to the sherwani itself. Well, the following accessories could help you on that and P N RAO can help on owning those accessories with style.

Tie the turbans

PNRAO  191734

Turban is something that will do the first part of the whole trick. If you’re in a sherwani and wearing a turban, one can bet for sure, they’ll notice your turban before they have a glance on your sherwani. Adding to these, turbans are an integral part of an Indian groom’s outfit. And, instead of settling for a simple turban, go for a bejewelled one. You could shop for graceful designer turbans at PNRAO in Bangalore; turbans which are studded with precious or semi-precious stones, coloured to match your sherwani and with stunning patterns are all awaiting you at PNRAO.

Kalgi, the turban’s delight:

kalgi P N RAO

Turbans may catch the attention of the masses, but a kalgi pinned on to it will steal the show. Kalgi is a brooch for your turban. Establish a prominent look on your turbans with pinning a shinning kalgi to it. It’s real better to go for an ornamented kalgi that would match with the colours of your sherwani.

Go grand with the Pearl mala

These are nothing but the pearl garlands that a man could mount on while in a sherwani. Pearls are highly underrated by men, but men can pair to their sherwani them with utmost poise. The Pearl malas or garlands were traditionally worn by Maharajas on special occasions, not to mention that those were made of freshwater pearls.

Pin the brooches

P N RAO brooches

You can just simply pin brooches on your sherwani to liven it up. A brooch is a versatile accessory and it could be easily paired up with any kind of outfit, be it the traditional or the western. Go with gold brooches for your sherwani to embed the style direct into the sherwani.

Sport on a Jutti, the royal way

p n rao jutti

After putting in this much attention to your whole attire, it would be unfair if you didn’t care about the footwear to match your sherwani. Just sport on a Jutti, as you’ll never be so wrong in life if you had thought people will never notice it. Especially if you are a groom in the big fat wedding, make sure you will never miss out the Jutti.

Colours to beat the heat!

Living in a tropical country like ours, the summer heat is nothing new to us. The summer is already here; and ice water, air-conditioned rooms and ice creams are only a few elements that make summer enjoyable for most of us. The warmer temperatures and longer days seem to put a sign of discomfort on everyone’s face, which is pretty much something that everyone has it in this season. This heat influenced discomfort has a cure that could heal the situation. The solution to heal comes in handy and also with style. The choice of colour to match the season is all that takes to save you out of the restless sweat and the beat the heat on the whole.

Neutral colours:

Neutral colours can relieve you well from the atmospheric heat as they do not absorb heat. The best part of these colours is that these are neutral and absolutely subtle. Adding to the relief from heat, neutral colours can be matched in style with nearly any shade and colour. You can couple a neutral colour like the flesh or the skin colour and earthy tan with almost any shade for elegant look this summer. Neutral colours hold real good for your business attire too.

Softly tinted shades:

Not everyone will know what a softly tinted shade will look like, for those people just take your mobile phone, open a picture of yours in a dark colour dress with any photo editing app. and then look for the ‘tint’ option in the colour editing section. Now you’ll know what a tinted shade looks like. These softly tinted shades will provide you with a gentle, subtle look and more importantly keeps you cool. Similar to the neutrals, these shades combine well with most other shades especially with neutral and dark pastels.

The Mid-tone pastels:

In contrast with a traditional real light colours, mid-tones are a bit deep and a bit likely bright. But, not so bright or deep to absorb all the atmospheric heat into the outfit. These mid-tones while paired with white gets you a crisp look, meanwhile with taupe-based neutrals gets you a softer and more comfortable feel along with a graceful look.

Colours gone wild:

Colours, colours and more colours, this is what we have been into for this summer. Get the style right in the summer; it’s all about feeling cool by wearing distinctive hues. Expand the colour options and choices to wild colours like lavender, lilac, mint green, ivory, coral pink and light blue. You sure will feel cool on these colours but it might not suit everyone’s style, be wise with the pick on this summer.

Keep it light or just white:

Is selection of colours confusing you with the fashion shade jargons? Well, there is always a simple colour solution for the summer. Yup, you are right, keep the shade light or just go with white. White has been the most opted colour for summer throughout history and till date. You always have the choice of keeping things simple.

The fashion for you is out here with so many shades to keep you cool all through the season of scorching sun. It’s just your choice to keep it simple or to just give a try on other options available. And, all the best to beat the heat and stay all cool throughout the summer.

Dress right this Valentine’s

valentie day

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, a lot of guys would have already planned for the big day. From proposing to your love till going on a dinner, your plans may vary in accordance with the chapter of your love story. Certainly your plans for the Valentine with your love are going to be great, but what about your outfit plan? Did you even put an eye to that thought? Not all men are lucky in wearing the outfits gifted by their love, because you know the reason.  So, you will have to suit up yourself.

Style your hair

First and foremost thing to look into before your get dressed is to style up your hair. Groom your hair and facial hair in a pleasant way. Have a hair style that will fit you; pre-plan this part and get your hair cuts at least two days before the big day.

Sport a watch

Sport a watch to your wrist. You may not need that to check the time as you will definitely have a hold to your mobile. But, a wrist watch just shows you more elegant. They are of great use when your loved one is going to come late and you will have to pretend to the world that you are not waiting by being busy looking into the watch. Remember, no fancy watches with vibrant colours; have a classy watch with a metallic finish.

Suit up with a class

Now comes the main picture, look for a dark jean or any other dark coloured trouser, it’s cool if those are of dark blue or black. Now if you’re going for a t-shirt, do it with white Tees; if you are going for a shirt, do it with a dark coloured one. Researchers say that women get wilder when they see men with darker or fiercer shade shirts; just exploit the fact by wearing one. Try choosing new colours in which your love has never seen you. Most importantly no fluorescent colour shirt or trousers. Make you sure the outfit is going to make a perfect fit to you and not body hugging. Even if you’re muscular you don’t need to flaunt your muscles to your love, especially on Valentine’s Day, unless that’s what she loves the most in you.

Get a tie

If you’re planning to exhibit your class, then you surely should wear a tie. The best present comes with a bow-it’s the finishing touch. Show your love that you took time and effort to pay attention to details when you dressed up for her. Pick a slim, textured tie to fit your shirt.

Tighten your lace

Shoes, the final part of your dressing needs some extra attention. Please do not wear worn out shoes. Just select light weight shoes that are the best fit to your dress. Get a classic belt that will go in hand with your shoe colour. A cooler is just optional in your dressing up part.

That’s all folks. Get dressed up and spend your Valentine making the best ever memories of your love life.

Joining a new job? Dress for it

P N RAO - Getting ready for the 1st job

Congrats for your new job! Feeling rattled over the evergreen question: what to wear on your first day of the job’ is quite natural. The last thing any of us want is the way Meryl Streep looked at Anne Hathaway on her first day in the movie “Devil Wears Prada”. So dress according to the demands of your job. You should always draw a fine line between what you think perfect for a Friday night out and for your office.

In most of the cases, there are no well edged rules of what to wear on office. But if you are so bewildered, tread the safe path and go conservative. If you would like to be on the secure side of dressing, then try to understand the corporate culture.

Take a note of these basic points and make your first impression the best one.

” Presentation matters “

Casuals are not a synonym for ‘being disheveled’.

Dress according to the demands of your job – professional, serious and formal

Certain offices come with a strict dress code. In such a case, assembling your office wardrobe will not be a much tedious task. You just have to follow the rules. But most of the offices don’t have a written dress code and it entirely depends on you to get your attire the perfect one for the situation.

You can always look for inspirations even in your office wardrobe. If you are a manager, you can have a look at what other influential managers wear.

The best conventional office attire for men includes a button-down shirt, a blue, black or gray jacket, formal tie, slacks that go well with the jacket and black shoes – well polished.

The unavoidable apparel for women’s office clothing includes the blazer, pencil skirt, button down blouse, slacks or pant suits. Wear minimal makeup. The jewelry should also be simple. You can wear flats or moderate heels, not to say, well polished.

Always keep in mind that your dressing sense in office should highlight your professionalism and competence. You are not dressing for a party. But certain people will confuse the formal and party wear which can even be fatal to their careers. If you look gorgeous in a dress, it doesn’t mean that you should wear the same at your office.

A mistake people do in dressing is wearing clothes that do not fit them. Choose clothing that fits you perfectly without looking baggy or floppy.

In your first day in the new job, or in an interview, appearance counts. Your dress can make a negative or positive impression in your boss. Your attitude and your approach to work are judged through your dress code during your first days. You can win or fail an interview through your clothes.

Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society”. Appearance renders credibility. Most of us will develop a liking for a best dressed person.  Being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness. So scale your career to great heights with your attire and attitude.


Why do Politicians go for black and white?


          Its election time, campaigning is progressing across the nook and corner of the country. You might have been flooded with the smiling posters of your local candidates dressed in white. Have you ever thought why do our politicians wear white or black? Why can’t they choose any other shade to wear?

            Most politicians in India choose to wear white. We should be happy to see that the politicians in India, irrespective of their so called different ideologies, at least have an unwritten consensus on something – on wearing the white attire.

           White is the symbol of purity. It is the colour of righteousness. May be the politicians want to mask their inside, which is black with corruption, with the pure white outside. They may be in an earnest effort to show people that they are truly white and pure as the clothes they wear. They want to enforce the fact that they are idealist and upright politicians, as the people think of them. Politicians are expected to be spotless and untainted. This might also be one of the reasons for the politicians to wear white.

          Have you ever spotted a stain in the white attire of Indian politicians? NO. It is pure white and remains white forever. May be they might be having a good stain removing detergent at their homes. Or they may be having loads of white clothes to wear each day. We are all aware of the fact that our politicians are rich enough to afford it.

        Have you thought of any other funny effect of wearing white?  In our country, incidents of throwing ink at the politicians are increasing these days. This coupled with their white dress will provide us with great entertainment.

         May be all politicians want to show their uniformity in their corrupt power hungry endeavours. We all know that all of them are equally corrupt. They might want to show their oneness at least in the matter of corruption.

         White is often regarded as a simple dress. Politicians also wish to convey the message of their simplicity to the voters out there.

         As with white, black is also a favourite shade for politicians to wear. Black is a commanding colour and it demands respect. Politicians here express their desire to be respected, irrespective of their motives.

        Some of the modern and young politicians are not sticking to the over dominant white rule in the politics. Change is slowly invading the dressing style of our politicians too and it is a sign of relief to the monotonous attire. After all, change is the only thing that never changes.

        I think the politicians in our country should try for other shade of clothes that enhance their personality. I believe that the politicians should impress the people through their ideologies and actions and not through their funny attire.

Tailor on call: Bringing exquisite formal wear to your doorstep

pn rao toc

The expression – ‘tailor-made’ couldn’t have been more aptly utilized as P N RAO’s new exclusive service ventures to take the tailoring world by storm. Tailor on call (TOC) is a pioneering initiative which now lets you get your dream suit stitched and delivered to your doorstep from the cozy comforts of your residence or office.

Bespoke services are the in-thing today. But P N RAO just takes the comfort-factor to a whole new level. Continuing with our legacy of being the pioneers in high-class formal wear for men in Bangalore, our professional craftsmen ensure that you’re making a statement. Dictated with our experience in luxury formal wear, we have been head-and-shoulders ahead of our competitors. We know that in the exclusive craftsmanship of fine suit tailoring it’s not just the perfect length, body fit, cuts and different pocket designs which are important the but even the fabric and colour of the suit have equal significance. The TOC service, which now has to ensure these facilities at your place is what makes it that more exigent and exceptional.

Our Legacy

Being one of the premier ‘fine suit’ format stores in Bangalore, our primary business objective is to cater to the needs of discerning customers and provide personalized attention and service. We stock a wide range of ready of ready-to-wear suits from some of India’s leading labels – Our range features both Indian and Western ensembles. We also have a wide range of exclusive fabrics from world-renowned brands.

P N Rao is a heritage brand known for its finely-tailored suits and ready-made luxury apparel. Started way back in 1923, it has completed over 90 glorious years of creating impeccable suits. And what many may not know is that P N Rao was handed the contract for suiting up the British regiment based on the skilful craftsmen. With an international clientele spread across the globe from Australia, the U K to the US, P N Rao is now a global brand. Our quality resonated in our variety as we have over 6000 kinds of fabrics, including ‘Mint’ – expensive fabric wool produced only in Chile, South Africa. P N Rao is the official brand partner for innumerable programs and we were recently chosen as the ‘Upcoming regional retailer of India’ by the Indian Fashion Forum.

Our value addition here is a standard of styling and tailoring that compares with the best in the world. And now by introducing this new comfy feature, we intend to carry our legacy of pioneering exclusives further to match the demands of the changing times.  

Why go elsewhere?

So, whenever you feel the need to upgrade your formal wardrobe, a

ll you need to do is contact us and our expert craftsman will be right there at you place with swatches of different fabrics and colours, designs and eclectic ideas. Give them your measurements and get a faux suit to know your fit. If convinced, select the colour, fabric, length, design, cut and be assured of a lightning-quick service.

An overwhelming response from our loyal-customer base has given us enough encouragement to take the TOC initiative beyond Bangalore. Avail our services by calling us on 9900100400 or email us at toc@pnrao.com to

 fix an appointment!

What To Look For In A Tie?

A neck tie is perhaps the most important piece of clothing accessory in a man’s wardrobe. Wondering why? Well there have been surveys which say that women first look at a tie to judge a man’s personality. Neckties speak a lot about a man’s personality providing just the perfect finishing touch to the whole look.

Hard as this may be to believe, tie-wearing is on the upswing, even among young men. They also make a popular choice for gifts. However, buying a tie can easily turn out into a failure, especially in a case you are unaware of some simple & basic rules that are a “must” when buying a new tie. To find a great tie at a value price, you have to pay attention to the details.

Here are some pointers that will help choosing the right tie:

Make sure the length of the tie is right for your height.
The entire length of the tie must be neither very long, nor too short. If you have a tall stature, you need to buy a long tie. The best measure of length, however, is how it falls on your own body. The tip of a properly-tied necktie should reach just past the trouser waist.

Make sure the tie is not too wide.
Knowing the right size of the tie will serve you well whether you’re buying handmade Italian imports or off-the-rack at supermarkets. Fashion has widened and narrowed ties back and forth over the years.  Don’t bother keeping track. A good necktie is right in the comfortable middle.  3 1/4″ is ideal for most men (the width is measured at the widest point, before the tapered tip if there is one).

Choose the right fabric or material to suit your needs.
Length and width are easy to judge with a ruler and a few minutes in a dressing room. The real difficulty between buying good ties and buying great ones at a value price lies in your ability to judge the fabric and construction. The highest quality made ties in the world are made from fine silk. Synthetic fabrics give a similar sheen but none of the rich texture and straight drape of silk.
Check to see if the silk has been cut “on the bias” — across the bolt of cloth — by draping the tie over your hand.  If it hangs straight it was cut properly.  If it curls and twists to one side or the other it was not cut on the bias, and is not going to hang as neatly.
The texture of the silk is also important.  Rough silk that catches on your skin as you slide a hand over it indicates a cheaper product.  The fibres are already stiff, and will break and lose their lustre quickly.  Look for smoothness and flexibility in the surface.

Be aware to the tie care/maintenance demands.
It is important to read the care labels on every tie so you could know what will need to be done in order to keep your tie looking clean and new, as some materials require spot cleaning, dry cleaning or even special laundering.

Get creative with the tie(s) you pick out.
Opting for solid colours gives you greater flexibility in pairing the tie with different shirts, and choosing a patterned or multiple coloured tie can give a plain suit a pop of colour and looks great against a solid white shirt for a hot of style.

If Summer Is Here, Can Summer Suits Be Far Behind

Summers in India are completely different than the western countries where it is considered to be pleasant. Summers at times are unbearable where it is associated with heat waves and humidity, but that necessarily doesn’t mean that we stop dressing like a gentleman.  There are lot of situations and events that calls for a formal dressing, and it is a nightmare to think about the thick, double breasted suit. You will not only be sweltering and reeling under the heat also you will stick out like a sore thumb.

So what can Indian men do, give in to the heat? Well summer is definitely not an excuse to sport your ratty Metallica T-shirts and ripped denim shorts with floaters. Have a little class people!

Sometimes, all that’s needed is a bit of perspective and searching and voila you will have that perfect bespoke suit that will easily carry you through the summer. There are two important things to look for in a suit for the summer.

Firstly the suit should be ideally of lighter fabrics such as silk, tropical wool, linen, poplin or even good quality cotton. Such weaves helps air pass through the cloth and stops the suit from feeling like a walking heat trap.

Second most important factor in choosing the right suit for summers is colour, unless your job entails you going from air-conditioned car to air-conditioned office and back again, you can get away with wearing dark suits straight through Dusshera. Light hue always reflects back heat and keeps you cool but that doesn’t mean you wear an all white suit which will only make you look like a wannabe Mithun Chakraborty. For the most part, white suits should be avoided. They tend to be impractical—because they get dirty so easily—and foppish, and sends the signal that you are as lightweight as the material.

There are other more everyday tips for suit wearers. Don’t treat the lunch hour like it’s a mini-holiday, keep out of the sun and stay in the shade. Wear shirts with a buttoned cuff, so there’s less fabric at the wrist and it’s easier to roll up the sleeves. Whenever possible, take off the jacket to try and keep cool.  And you will have the last laugh saying “Look at me! I have the discipline, good taste, and money to be able to laugh at the heat and look pretty damn good doing it, too.”

Stay Suited!!!

Can you picture James Bond in anything other than a well-tailored suit? The automatic answer would be a NO. This maybe so because suits are generally associated with power, stature, classiness and off course chic. A well-tailored suit enhances anybody’s look and brings forth gentlemanliness.

Wearing a suit commands and projects respect in a professional or personal situation. Arriving at an event or meeting in a suit, conveys a subtle message that you are competent and professional. The impact and effect of colour can be powerful. Colours have different psychological meanings and can create an impression. What does the colour of a suit signify:

Navy – Honesty and trust

Black – Authority, Sophistication, Assertiveness and Detachment

Tan – Elegant, Open and Approachable

Brown – Stability and Security

Charcoal Grey – Strength and Refinement

Burgundy – Classic and Formal

The suit you wear probably makes as much a statement these days as the car you drive. Whereas the colour and style of your suit is important, equally the suit fabrics have much to do with both feel and appearance. The fabric or what the suit is what the suit is made of is very important. There are many different types of fabrics a suit can be made of each one will feel different and will have its own purpose.

Suit designs come in all shapes, sizes, patterns, styles, colours, and even materials. Men have a huge selection to choose from when purchasing a new suit to wear. The types of suits are not all that complicated. The main thing you really need to know is that there are four main styles. All the others are just a mixed combination of the four. We have 2 Button Suits, 3 Button dress suits, Double Breasted Suits & the Mandarin Suit.

Which style you choose is really a matter of personal preference. We at P N Rao have a wide range of ready to wear suits. Our excellent team of tailors also make sure that every suit we make is perfect in its fit.

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