5 accessories that will add elegance to your sherwani

It is so true that Sherwani has been an integral part of traditional Indian attire for all kinds of celebrations we could ever think of. And especially the first and best pick for the big fast wedding, be it the groom or the guest. The word ‘Sherwani’ actually refers to the dress of the people of Shirvan in the Southern Caucasus region, the people from that region had a considerable impact on the arts and culture of the Mughal Empire and hence sherwani is all here with us. Undoubtedly, a sherwani adds elegance to your appearance, but wouldn’t it be great if you could more elegance to the sherwani itself. Well, the following accessories could help you on that and P N RAO can help on owning those accessories with style.

Tie the turbans

PNRAO  191734

Turban is something that will do the first part of the whole trick. If you’re in a sherwani and wearing a turban, one can bet for sure, they’ll notice your turban before they have a glance on your sherwani. Adding to these, turbans are an integral part of an Indian groom’s outfit. And, instead of settling for a simple turban, go for a bejewelled one. You could shop for graceful designer turbans at PNRAO in Bangalore; turbans which are studded with precious or semi-precious stones, coloured to match your sherwani and with stunning patterns are all awaiting you at PNRAO.

Kalgi, the turban’s delight:

kalgi P N RAO

Turbans may catch the attention of the masses, but a kalgi pinned on to it will steal the show. Kalgi is a brooch for your turban. Establish a prominent look on your turbans with pinning a shinning kalgi to it. It’s real better to go for an ornamented kalgi that would match with the colours of your sherwani.

Go grand with the Pearl mala

These are nothing but the pearl garlands that a man could mount on while in a sherwani. Pearls are highly underrated by men, but men can pair to their sherwani them with utmost poise. The Pearl malas or garlands were traditionally worn by Maharajas on special occasions, not to mention that those were made of freshwater pearls.

Pin the brooches

P N RAO brooches

You can just simply pin brooches on your sherwani to liven it up. A brooch is a versatile accessory and it could be easily paired up with any kind of outfit, be it the traditional or the western. Go with gold brooches for your sherwani to embed the style direct into the sherwani.

Sport on a Jutti, the royal way

p n rao jutti

After putting in this much attention to your whole attire, it would be unfair if you didn’t care about the footwear to match your sherwani. Just sport on a Jutti, as you’ll never be so wrong in life if you had thought people will never notice it. Especially if you are a groom in the big fat wedding, make sure you will never miss out the Jutti.

Things to avoid while buying your shaadi ki sherwani

On your wedding day everything becomes as important as the most important thing. However, there are priorities that can’t be altered. Among them the wedding dress surely falls among the top three. Your wedding wardrobe is surely going to be a permanent memory of your lifetime. Therefore, ensuring that the perfect combo has to be met is of ultimate importance. Considering that sherwanis have become the tidal trend for grooms, because of its regal classy look. However, you should ensure that you look nothing short of fabulous.


Here are a few tips that you could keep in mind, when you are planning for that one great sherwai, on your one great day.

  • Fabric is the key

Only a sherwani with a great fabric will give you that commendable look that can cast a spell on your partner. Anything outrageous would surely put of all the people, on a day when you want all eyes to be on you. So get the most elegant fabric, it is not optional but a mandate for your look.

  • Contrasting Colors

You don’t want start your life in contrasting colors!  The responsibility of ensuring that you look a great pair falls greatly on your attire. Ensuring that both the bride and groom look coherent on this great day is very important, because your snaps are going to be a lifelong keepsake.

  • Fit is hit

On your wedding day you do not want to look like the dress belonged to someone else. Keep in mind that custom made design would suit better as compared to the available fits. Also ensure that when you are on your wedding shopping spree take clothes that fit your body type. If you are very skinny- padded shoulders could make you look a little better built. Comfort is another point you would not want to compromise on such a day.

  • Attractive Aura

On your wedding get the best looking sherwani and never settle for anything lesser. Look for ones with extensive embroidery with an opulent texture. Sophistication is a key element of the groom; he has to look the best in the hall.

So make your wedding count! Get the best and look the best in for that one great day that has the value of a lifetime.

The science of tying a tie bar

  A tie bar is used to fasten the tie to your shirt so that it stays in place but a tie bar is also a small detail that can have a big impact on a look. Tie bars come in two styles: pinch clasp and slide clasp. If you wear a thin tie then slide clasp would be more appropriate. A tie bar can have positive impact on your looks and at the same time can also have a negative impact. So it is necessary to wear a tie bar correctly and here are some tips to help you with this.

P N RAO Suits - Tie Bar
P N RAO Suits – Tying a Tie Bar

       Position: The ideal spot for the tie bat is in between the 3rd and 4th button.

P N RAO Suits - Tie Bar
P N RAO Suits – Tie Bar

     Size: A tie bar should never be wider than your tie. 3/4 the width of the tie is just about perfect.

P N RAO Suits - Tie Bar
P N RAO Suits – Tie Bar

Attachment: The tie bar should be pinned to the shirt to keep the tie in place at all times.

P N RAO Suits - Tie Bar
P N RAO Suits – Tie Bar

Colour: Gold or silver colour tie bars are perfect. Its classic and looks great on everyone. However, it’s great to go funky at times for a completely different look.

10 Biggest Mistakes men make while judging women


The tiff between man and woman is as old as the earth. Men still cannot completely understand women even after centuries old research and studies that went on to delve deep into the psychology of the fairer sex. Men still feels women as an unresolved enigma. The mistake lies in men’s approach to women. Here are the ten common mistakes men make while judging  women

1. All women are dump

Most of the men think that women are only to be appreciated for their external beauty. They are beauty without brains. This is not true. Women are as intelligent and sharp as men. If you change the way you judge a woman, you will understand the truth

2. Women are shallow

Men think that women are more interested in silly talks like make up, attires and so on. You should know that thinking about makeup and dresses doesn’t make women shallow. They are only glorifying the external beauty that god has given them. Thinking fashionable is not a crime. Never feel jealous that God has given more sense of style to women.

3. Women are over emotional

The emotional part of the brain of both the sexes is not formulated similarly. Both have different emotional needs. Don’t judge a woman by her emotional quotient. You must not ignore the fact that she has been your pillar of strength at times when you have fallen. Even though women cry a lot, deep within they are stronger than men. They can rise up to a situation, when the need comes and face it like a warrior.

4. Don’t judge a woman by her looks

Looks always deceive you. So don’t judge a woman by her looks. She may appear to be smarter than you think. As the saying goes beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Don’t make yourself be cheated by her looks.

5. Women fall for the rich and cool dudes

Most men think that women only look for rich and over the top cool dudes. When selecting a partner, women always look for the above factors too. But what they need most is a shoulder of support and a heart filled with love. Trust me; this is the prime most interest of the women all over the world.  They surely won’t marry a dump and rich guy.

6. Women are gossipy drama queens

Have you ever found time in your busy schedule to listen to her? Sometimes she may be gossiping about her best friend, sometimes she may be telling about her desires. Listen to her. It is not just silly talks. All the time she has been longing to be with you, opening her heart just for you. You can reach deep into a woman’s heart by being a great listener. Not all women are gossipy drama queens.

7. Women lack humour sense when compared to their male counterparts

This is a great mistake a man makes while judging a woman. Most of the women are wittier than men. Treat her as your equal and you will win the game.

8. Women love drama in their life

She may be shouting at you, but deep inside her she needs to be calm and at peace with the surroundings. Give her the much needed time and space, you will come to know that she is your cute little angel; you have been looking out for all through her life. A little bit of drama can add spice to your life. But not all women love a life full of drama.

9. If you buy her a lots of gifts, she will be happy

True ….All of us love to be pampered with gifts. But if you give her gifts and don’t spend quality time with her, then you are on the loser’s side. What a woman really wants from a man is love and caress. Sweep her off her feet at times and make life awesome.

10. Women are not as honest as men

They say, “Frailty, thy name is woman”. It is not true. Sometimes women can be bluntly honest. They always wish to utter the truth.

Judge a woman by her character and not by her looks. Don’t be too harsh on women. They need to be loved and adored. Keep her on the pedestal of love and you will experience immense bliss.