Types of relatives at an Indian Wedding

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Being Indian is incredible; what’s more incredible are the Great Indian Weddings. In India, a wedding is something more than two souls tying a knot. It’s the single most memorable event for the couple getting married, while it’s a fun filled family get-together for the rest of the family members. A wedding is more like a family festival celebrated with auspicious and amusing rituals aided by the participation of the entire family. These weddings are the places where your get to meet so many types of relatives from the classic vintage people to the modern yo yo dudes. Let’s look creep into the types of relatives that you may cross through in your weddings.

The Organizers

 These are the people who have gained lots of trust from your parents and other relatives, now they are in charge of your whole wedding plan. From the food menu to the music played in wedding they put in their well-experienced plan and try to make the celebration big. At times their decisions may not join in sync with your expectations, but trust them they are experts in the field they know what’s good.

The Gamers

They are the flock of elder people who are interested in games, especially cards. These people have their own fun and don’t really care about what’s happening around. They are always busy with their games.

The Advisory Council

This council consists of the people from the vintage era. As they are high in the family tree and are more respected that they take their advantage of imposing their ideologies onto the wedding arrangements. As they are elders, we have no other go; we will have to listen to them. And that doesn’t mean we follow that, just listen; they want to be heard.

The Criticism committee

 Ah, these are the most annoying people finding faults in every single thing they see on our wedding. Starting from the colour of the decoration papers to the food served their criticism is going to test our patience by all means. Just don’t get into a conversation with them, maintain distance to keep things cool.

The Distant Visitors

The people from far, far away and visited us long, long ago get a chance to visit the family after a long time. These are the people who embarrass you with releasing your childhood secrets into the crowd, as that’s the only thing they know about you. Usually they have this dialogue to say “You have grown up so fast”, as if they just saw us yesterday.

The Gossip Gang

If you are ever bored or tired just meet this gang highly populated by the ladies of your family. In a few minutes they will just remove your ignorance you had on your family, by discussing stories of almost all genres that ever happened in your family.

The Braggers

Now, here come the so called high class members of your family who keep on brag themselves. These people are slightly business minded and are a great show off; they keep on talk about the gift they are planning to give you, their son who has recently purchased a car at US, etc. Just maintain some distance unless you are going to have some fun in being sarcastic with them.

The Teenagers

They are your distant cousins who get to meet the family after a long time. These teenagers are fond of weddings as they might have imagined more on in it, due to the influence of cinema. They try to have fun playing, dancing, singing and more fun on playing pranks on the relatives present there. Your wedding will be never seem lively without these people.

The Kids section

The gang of your niece and nephews and every other small kid present at your wedding spread the happiness more into hearts by just watching them. The jumping, playing, dancing and all naughtiness they exhibit are going to be the memorable events of your whole wedding ceremony.

This is not all, a wedding has so many other hearts and souls meeting and greeting you for your well being in future. Experience the wedding with all fun you could, for it’s a once in life time opportunity.

To Belt or Not to Belt?


OK, so you’ve got it all down: the perfect fitting clothes, the right colour combinations and a great pair of shoes. You’re going out and you want to look your best and something that you just cannot do without is a good belt. Even though belt is known to be an accessory in a man’s wardrobe but it is also a utility piece, a man’s belt can be equal parts afterthought and lynchpin of his entire wardrobe.

In fact, it is the belt’s often overlooked complexity that has so many men wearing them improperly. While there are several types of belt fabrics, I want to focus today on the highest quality one – leather. There are just two types of belts you must know: Casual and formal. And the best way to remember these two is to use a rule of thumb — literally.

If the belt is about as wide as your thumb, it’s a dress belt. Anything wider means it’s casual. Leather belts are versatile. They can be part of either casual or formal attire and, when in harmony with the rest of the outfit, they will accentuate the pants and shirt or t-shirt. They can be worn at any age and will go well with probably 95% of all the clothes you have in your closet right now (mixing and matching them is another story, though).

But you can’t wear leather belts in any way that you want. There are certain rules that you must follow to avoid making a style blunder. If you’re not quite sure, you should also know that formal belts usually sport a glossy, reflective finish, while casual belts are more often found in flat, muted shades and textures. To cover your fashion bases, try to own at least one of each.

Casual belts, on the other hand, can’t play in both teams. They’re bigger, have a more rugged aspect and a bigger, more colourful buckle.

So, how many you got in your wardrobe?