Smart tricks to impress her parents

When we, Indians, decide to celebrate our love and finally get ready for the bond of marriage, we do it with so much pomp and show that no wonder it is called “The Big Fat Indian Wedding”. The toughest part of the Big Fat Indian is the road to the hearts of the bride’s parents. You, absolutely, must wow her parents to get that stamp of approval from them. No matter how well you get along with your bride-to-be, convincing her parents is, of course, going to be one Herculean task that you just can’t afford to mess up.

You might know your girlfriend as a complete drama queen (in an adorably cute way, of course!) but she’ll always be an innocent little girl for her parents. And they will put you in the hot-seat under their watchful eyes to scrutinize every little thing you say or do. As much as it might scare you, you must put up your best foot forward to ensure that they see the best of you.  With the right steps, you will become that knight-in-shining- armour to whom they shall delightfully entrust the hands of their darling daughter.

P N RAO has always been on your side when it comes to weddings. So, how could you not help you with this big step? We bring the best of our tried and tested pointers to help you wow her parents.

1. The Smart Dressing Rule:

She might like you to flaunt your spiky hair-do and your snazzy leather jackets with ripped jeans on any other day. However, that’s really not something that you should wear for that crucial first meeting with her parents. You must come across as a perfect gentleman so that they can trust you with their daughter.

Shave and dress appropriately. Pair up a formal or semi-formal shirt with a simple chino for a last impression. Ensure that the fitting is just right for you. After all, you don’t want to look like a nerd in loose clothes! Accessorize with a smart watch that compliments your look.

2. Know your basics:

To increase your chances of bonding well with her family, make sure you recall all the important information that she has shared about her family.  These petty little things do make a difference!
For eg: You wouldn’t want to get Chicken nuggets for her strictly vegetarian mother.

If you are planning to get gifts for them, choosing gifts becomes simpler with that information. You can pick just the perfect thing for them. Besides, knowing something about them beforehand gives you something easy to talk about. You can then lure them into a charming conversation and stay clear of any trouble.

3. Engage them in a conversation:

Before they shoot you down with their qualms about your relationship, get a grip on the situation. Be the smooth talker and lure them into a conversation that keeps them hooked.

Don’t shy away from getting the ball rolling, if that’s what it takes. Talk politely and respectfully. Compliment them for their upbringing and all things. Answer their questions with humility. Besides, it would be just the perfect way for them to get to know you better in a short span of time.

4. Bond well with her Dad:

Let’s be honest here. Mothers will always be easy to impress: Compliment them on their appearance, dressing, cooking and housekeeping and half your job is done there. After all, mothers are usually the more compassionate ones who can easily spot the gentleman in you.

Convincing her Dad usually is more of a trouble because they tend to be stricter, especially with the suitors for his daughter. Learn about his interests and engage him a conversation. Make sure you show him the best side of you. Once he gets to know the perfect gentleman in you, he wouldn’t have any reasons to hold back any more.

5. Be honest:

They are about to trust you with their daughter for a lifetime of togetherness. This is not a place for you to hide stuff from them. Be honest about yourself.

Make sure you don’t hide anything from them, especially about your family and career. You do not have to act as a different person. Be who are and make them believe in you. They just need to know that their daughter will be happy with you forever and you shall do all it takes to make sure of that.

6. No PDA:

Yes we know that there is nothing wrong in holding hands or a gentle peck on the cheek but that’s really not something you should risk doing in front of her parents. No matter how hard is the temptation, never try to get cosy with your sweetheart when her parents are around.

Take a cue from all the heroes in the romantic Bollywood blockbusters where the hero tries PDA in front of the girl’s parents. The results were never good!

Yes, we agree it is a huge deal but be confident of yourself.  Be yourself and don’t panic.
Just show them that you truly intend to promise a lifetime of happiness to their daughter and rest everything will fall into place.

P.N. Rao wishes you all the very best.

15 things a guy should do before he gets married!

before u get married

  1. Go on a road trip

It is must to go on a road trip before you get married! Enjoy the freedom and take no advises from any crusty old men!

  1. Visit all 7 continents

Yes! That’s right! Visit all 7 continents, enjoy the beauty of this beautiful planet and have fun surviving all the adventures.

  1. Conquer a fear

Do not let fear hold you back. It would be the perfect period in life to conquer all your fear!

  1. Go to a Sports event!

Even if you are not a fan of sports, try going for a sports event. The atmosphere there will get you on your feet.

  1. Volunteering

It is something that you should try which is not only fun but also a great experience that will surely add to your career.

  1. Have a pet at your home.

Maybe you like dogs, maybe cats, whatever it is try having a pet that you love!

  1. Learn New Skills

This is the perfect time for you to learn new skills! Maybe learn a piano whatever it be! You must try it!

  1. Climb A Mountain

Not asking you to climb the Everest! But at least a small hill! It would be a great experience in life.

  1. Swim in the sea

In India swimming in the sea is not a familiar practice and not everyone had the opportunity to do this! But try it and you will love it! It can give you lot of enjoyment and is also good for your health!

10.  Sleep on the seashore!

It will be relaxing to sleep watching the night and listening to the waves! You should however be prepared to get sand in every crack.

11.  Donate Blood!

This would be a nice thing to do in life especially when you are young and healthy!

12.  Challenge your friend for a mud fight!

Fun, messy and good for your skin! Get back in tune with your inner child.

13.  Live with someone of the other gender!

This will give you an idea of how your future life will be! You will be able to understand how things work within a household.

14.  Live Alone

Move out of your parent’s house and try living alone. It will help you become independent and help you manage life as it comes.

15.  Sky Diving!

It would be a great experience in life to go Sky diving! Conquer all your fear and feel the wilderness of this amazing planet! It is something risky but very much entertaining!