Dress up for your best friends wedding!

The best part of everyone’s life is the time spent with a friend. Literally the ultimate moments of happiness were the time with a friend who has always been at your side during all aspects of life. Now, when it comes to his/ her wedding, the specialness of the moment doesn’t limit within their lives, but extends to yours too. It’s seemingly important in what’s your choice of dress to your friend’s wedding. Let’s see about the various choices that you could make based on the wedding situations.

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Daytime wedding
In recent times, suits have been an increasingly popular choice when it comes to a wedding. We at P N RAO have seen the difficulty that rises among people with what type of suit to wear to the wedding. And is not just an ordinary wedding, it’s your friend’s wedding where you get a chance to showcase your style with your all other fellow friends. In a daytime wedding on summertime, it’s always advised to be in a light-coloured suit, especially linen or seersucker. While for the weddings on winter, it’s time for warmer clothing like wool suits and a navy blazer. Navy blazer with charcoal pant makes an awesome fashion team, at the same time depending on the temperature mount on a sweater underneath the blazer. You could also dress up with decent dress shirt, tie and dress pants, but dress it up with a blazer to add up elegance to the whole attire. And remember, daytime wedding are no place for tuxedoes

Evening Occasion
It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter when it comes the colour of suit at evening occasions of the wedding. For any evening occasion of the wedding, a dark suit is always appropriate. Just stay casual; you can wear a blazer and clacks with a nice tie. It’s vital to make sure that if you have a tuxedo, or you just like wearing one, by all means do it. A tuxedo is an evening thing; it adds up grace to your appearance throughout the occasion. Remember James bond in his tuxedo and a bow-tie, how sartorial he looked on it. That’s the right way to feature yourself in the evening occasion of your friend’s wedding. When you suit up in a tuxedo, you can choose between a black shirt and a collarless white shirt to blend in style with the ensemble.

Desi weddings

You could be the best friend to him/her who has always spent your free time at his/her home. This means you’re part of the family and you have very good relationship with the friend’s family. This is the time when you turn to wear something that will be in match with the whole family’s fashion plan for the big day. Wear a suit if the family is taking the western road, but if it’s going to be the Indian way, you know what you’ll have to wear. It’s most probably the sherwani, India’s favourite wedding outfit. Get your sherwani to be bright and with a festive outlook to get in sync with the wedding celebration. Well, now you the appropriate attire to dress up for your friend’s wedding.

Styles to look forward to in 2015

The days when fashion meant something to do with women alone are gone. Today it is equally important for men to look as trendy as their counter parts. Men always look for safer option and go for safe shirt and predictable trousers. Younger men are looking forward to the hip hop and rock culture, while the older men are looking forward to tailoring and body fit.

Given below is an image which gives us an idea regarding the components that go into men’s style. Clearly, certain elements are specific to individuals. These components are surely going to play a great part in the styles that are going to rock 2015.


                                                                        Image Credits: Dappered.com

Black and White is a sure go to any day, any season. The classic look is undeniable to continue its magic through this year too. Urban fashion has surely rocked the last few seasons; trends are surely going to be in that direction. Bermuda and shorts are back in place this will look classy especially with a sweater. Blazer is another inevitable fashion statement that has surely the likes of continuing to look good on appropriate occasions.

It is also likely that sportswear-formal is surely an add-on if you are looking at a macho look.  The shift towards a more casual wardrobe will gather pace.

Color combinations are also going to play an important role in this year’s fashion. “In a world that has become increasingly chaotic, the nostalgic blues enables us to retreat into a safe place of quiet calm while harmonious greens from nature offer a reassuring presence”, says Leatrice EisemanExecutive Director, Pantone Color Institute.

Do you make these mistakes?

Clothes do not make the man, its all about knowing the rules in the world of fashion. Surely, you might have been found guilty of committing some fashion mistakes every now and then. Even the best dressed celebrities have been found to do so. You can reduce your fashion mistakes by knowing certain worst style habits. Here are the most common fashion mistakes men make. Adjust your wardrobe according to these tips and be a style icon.

Are you wearing this shirt that does not fit you perfectly, still for the sake of matching with the latest trend? Sorry, you are making the most common fashion mistake. Always wear clothes that fit you perfectly.  It should not be too over-sized that you look like a court jester in it. Even the overweight person will look smarter in well fit clothes. Always get your clothes tailored or go for a custom fit. In an over-sized garment, you look more heavy than usual.

Wear clothes according to the season is one of the basic rules of style most of you ignore. Have you ever caught of wearing woolen clothes in the midst of summer? Then this style rule applies exclusively for you. Wearing season-appropriate clothes is fashion forward and it never goes out of style.

Now it is time for deciphering one of the top fashion mistake men make. Its all about the ties. Style Gurus emphasis on wearing the ties that match with your suit. One of the top style rules is not to wear ties with a short sleeved shirt. Choose the colours that match with your shirt and not clashing with it. The best matched tie can enhance the appeal of your clothes.

Now, some rules for wearing the perfect trousers. Trousers should end along the top of the heel of your shoes. Your trousers should not brush the floor. Apply these tips while getting your trousers tailored.

Are you going for great brands without noticing how well it fit you? Flaunting brands is good. But getting a fit-perfect suit which helps you steal the limelight is better.

Be cautious of selecting your shoes. Wear those shoes that match your trousers. Remember that matching trousers and shoes are not always the best option. A pair of grey pants looks best with a pair of black shoes, not grey shoes.

Are you doing the mistake of mixing floral with graphics? It is a big NO-NO. Avoid flashy prints and colours.

Wearing wrinkled clothes is not fashion forward. Trust me; it will make you look like out of place in your office. Neither your date will be impressed by it. Take time to iron your clothes and create an impression.

So the next time you are going out dress smartly to avoid the common fashion mistakes. Make a style statement with your clothes. Let your attire define you.