15 things a guy should do before he gets married!

before u get married

  1. Go on a road trip

It is must to go on a road trip before you get married! Enjoy the freedom and take no advises from any crusty old men!

  1. Visit all 7 continents

Yes! That’s right! Visit all 7 continents, enjoy the beauty of this beautiful planet and have fun surviving all the adventures.

  1. Conquer a fear

Do not let fear hold you back. It would be the perfect period in life to conquer all your fear!

  1. Go to a Sports event!

Even if you are not a fan of sports, try going for a sports event. The atmosphere there will get you on your feet.

  1. Volunteering

It is something that you should try which is not only fun but also a great experience that will surely add to your career.

  1. Have a pet at your home.

Maybe you like dogs, maybe cats, whatever it is try having a pet that you love!

  1. Learn New Skills

This is the perfect time for you to learn new skills! Maybe learn a piano whatever it be! You must try it!

  1. Climb A Mountain

Not asking you to climb the Everest! But at least a small hill! It would be a great experience in life.

  1. Swim in the sea

In India swimming in the sea is not a familiar practice and not everyone had the opportunity to do this! But try it and you will love it! It can give you lot of enjoyment and is also good for your health!

10.  Sleep on the seashore!

It will be relaxing to sleep watching the night and listening to the waves! You should however be prepared to get sand in every crack.

11.  Donate Blood!

This would be a nice thing to do in life especially when you are young and healthy!

12.  Challenge your friend for a mud fight!

Fun, messy and good for your skin! Get back in tune with your inner child.

13.  Live with someone of the other gender!

This will give you an idea of how your future life will be! You will be able to understand how things work within a household.

14.  Live Alone

Move out of your parent’s house and try living alone. It will help you become independent and help you manage life as it comes.

15.  Sky Diving!

It would be a great experience in life to go Sky diving! Conquer all your fear and feel the wilderness of this amazing planet! It is something risky but very much entertaining!

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