Put Your Best Foot Forward !



With Eid behind us all now, it goes without saying that everybody has tucked in more than their fair share of scrumptious food from their neighbors and friends, or both!

While most will have that heavy feeling in the morning, it’ll be time to shed those extras kilos, no we will not talk about grams here-it’s pointless!

Have you paid enough attention to the kind of footwear you are using-for jogging, walking or otherwise?

Most of us make a very common yet understandable error of judgment, choosing fashion over form! It’s not rare seeing men choose shoes that look good, but are hardly comfortable at all.

Unbeknown to most, shoes are probably the most important ‘article of clothing’ you can invest on! Prolonged use of improper footwear causes unnecessary stress on the knees, eventually damaging them irreversibly. They also cause stress on the back and spine, damaging your posture and eventually rendering you rather useless!

Different sporting activities require special shoes which are easily available now,gone are those days when your uncle or auntie in the states had to bring them for you, only to realize that they don’t fit well!

Always buy shoes in the second half of the day, when physical activities expand your feet a little, and always make it a point to try both shoes, and walk around in them. They shouldn’t bite, feel cramped or be uncomfortable at all. Make sure there’s ample room to wiggle your toes. Keep in mind their weight, and breath ability.

It’s a known fact that some of the best shoes in the market are plain plug ugly, and the good looking ones might result in gangrene and amputations!

So choose wisely, after all, happy feet make happy men!



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